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Top 12 Wall Paintings to make your Home Stand Out

Wall paintings for home are the best way to bring colour and vibrancy to your life. They are the perfect way to add character to your room and make it truly yours! There are numerous types of paintings for the living room available to transform the walls of your home such as canvas prints and hand-painted wall art. Paintings for wall decor brings life into your home while also transforming it with its amazing colours and designs. If you really want to make a room stand out, pick some great pieces of wall paintings for home that spruce up the whole place. These art pieces come in various shapes and sizes to fit as many places around your home as you need or want them to.

There are many kinds of paintings that can suit your passion; be it your cityscape at night or your love for watercolors. Prints on canvas, digitized artwork and hand-painted art all make great additions to any wall in a room with their intricate craftsmanship.

Some of the best features of these paintings are that they come in different sizes, expansive choice of designs, and are a variety of colours. It becomes easier to create a visual balance with such unique pieces because the premium range of colours used in these paintings matches almost all the colour schemes in your house.

Our ultimate collection of canvas and handprints will make your task of choosing the perfect painting a cakewalk. Here is our list of the top 12 lovely paintings for wall decor that you should definitely add to your abode.

Abstract Modern Art

Abstract paintings add vibrant hues and colors on your walls by brightening up the space with their vibrant artwork. These home décor items for the living room come in different patterns and colour choices. Have a look at our black and gold abstract gold canvas print that can become one of your favourite home décor items.

Ethnic Prints

Ethnic prints are timeless beauties since they connect us to our roots and heritage. Such home décor items adorn Indian patterns such as Jaipur royal elephants which make your home look nothing less than a royal palace. Our Ancient India-inspired canvas print depicted below features the Rajasthani embroidery that brings the rich culture of Rajasthan to your ambience. It will be the perfect addition to your home!

Travel Themed Paintings

Bring the world to your home through beautiful travel-themed paintings for living room. Some of the famous world cities such as Paris, London, New York, Italy, and Greece are the top choice for painters and admirers of art. Our mesmerizing Amalfi coast canvas painting with a seaside view will take you on a fabulous virtual trip to Europe every time your eyes fall on it.

Geometric Prints 

Geometric prints make you appreciate the beauty of shapes and colours with their symmetrical patterns. These home decor items elevate the design and texture of the wall by drawing the eye of the visitor creating a wonderful 3D optical illusion. The three-panel geometric shapes canvas print from our latest collection of paintings for living room is worth your attention. 

Heavenly Nature Paintings

We all are aware of the fact that Nature is the healer and a source of happiness. The natural prints of paintings for wall decor spread joyful energy in the house and lift the happy spirit in your abode. The trees, valleys, flowers, mountains and everything else inspired by nature are the most popular motifs for interior designers. Our crisp winter morning handmade wall paintings for home is like bright sunshine on a cold winter day which adds warmth and serenity to your house. 

Animal Prints 

Quirky animal prints are famous for providing a spectacular look to your house. They come in a variety of prints of animals like horses, elephants, and tigers which bring vital energy to your space. The Jumping Stallion handmade paintings for living room is a mesmerizing beauty that will definitely add charm and elegance to your living area. 

Spiritual Paintings

Spiritual paintings promote feelings of peace and divinity in your home. Such prints are available in several designs and can be placed in the drawing-room and living rooms. Our Buddha in Paradise handmade paintings for wall decor is a blend of beauty, tranquillity, and sublimity. It will look fabulous wherever you place it.

Mosaic Prints

Mosaic prints are a kind of abstract painting that combines colours and patterns beautifully. They can magically add colourful hues to your walls. These are unique paintings since they combine a variety of artworks into one. Our marble mosaic handmade painting is just what you need to glam up your walls. 

Celestial Skies and Planets

Planets and celestial skies paintings diffuse an aura of peace and heavenly powers to your abode. Our Milky Way Galaxy 3 panel paintings for wall decor is all that your home needs to experience celestial bliss and happiness.  

Tree of Life Painting

Tree of Life is a world-renowned painting that has been recreated in various patterns, forms, and styles. It depicts hope, prosperity, and a good future from the vast branches of the tree. You can add our rendition of this painting to bring good fortune to your home.  

Butterflies Print

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creations of God. Paintings with butterflies create a surreal environment and depict freedom. These also make our walls look vivacious and highlight the details of the space. Our Shimmering Butterflies Blue handmade painting presented below is a bewitching piece to decorate your walls.

Majestic Oceanic Waves Painting

Oceanic paintings for wall decor signify cosmic, vast, and eternal powers which are abundant with shades of blue, green, and golden. Such paintings are ideal for places like the living room, bedroom, and dining area. Our Royal Blue Thames handmade painting depicted here is one such painting that should be a part of your home décor. 

These were some of the styles of wall paintings for home that are in vogue and are a must for home décor. If you want to decorate your home to reflect what you're passionate about, then wall home décor items provide a great canvas to show off whatever it is that you care about most.

Tell us which paintings for wall decor is your favourite?

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