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Beautiful Handmade Paintings For Home Decoration

Handmade paintings and art make homes more homely. When you hang hand wall paintings in a room, it flourishes with emotions and stories. Apart from exuding beauty to your home, wall paintings also help you express yourself through the art on your walls. With a lot of options available online, you can find the perfect piece for your room. But, before you take a plunge, consider the style and theme of your room first. And then try to harmonize the colours as you wish. Always buy canvas art online that brings vibrance, oomph and a sense of grandeur to your room. The beautiful handmade paintings on your walls should be the spotlight of your room and should grab the attention of your guests every single time.

Well, Dekor Company lends a helping hand to bring the most sophisticated and beautiful home decor to your place. Here we have a list of six beautiful handmade paintings that will surely brighten the vibe of your room!

1. A Beautiful Abstract Melting Pot

Are you a fan of abstract art? Then you must buy this one. Inspired from city life, which is a melting pot of different cultures, this hand wall painting brings splashes of deep blue and shining gold to your walls. If you wish to buy wall painting online in India, Dekor Company’s Abstract Melting Pot is a great option for you. Bring a touch of elegance to your space with this striking abstract art. This piece would make your room look uber-modern when hanging behind the sofa or the bed.

A Beautiful Abstract Melting Pot

2. Seven Running Horses

This one is an ultimate masterpiece. The Seven Running Horses is one of the best wall paintings online in India. Crafted with intricate details, it is an astrologically inclined piece that oozes out luck and energy to the room aesthetics. Inspired by the beauty of nature, these seven running horses bring a promise of poise and power to the walls. It would look extraordinarily amazing on walls with neutral shades. Hanging it against a neutral coloured wall will bring out exuberance and jazziness to the room. You can hang it perfectly in your bedroom, dining room or living room.

Seven Running Horses

3. Abstract Planet Layers Modern Art

Bring home art pieces that intrigue you as well as inspire you. This abstract hand wall painting is a perfect blend of an edgy look and sparkling hues. If you wish to buy wall paintings online in India, this one by Dekor Company is one of the finest hand wall paintings you’ll discover. The strokes of rich neutrals like peach, gold and grey give it a tantalizing texture. Serving as a great gifting option for your friends and family, as well as perfect wall art for your dining room or bedroom, you must get your hands on this one.

Abstract Planet Layers Modern Art

4. The Marble Mosaic

Let your walls do the talking. Buy canvas art online and glam up your room with this one. With smoothly blending deep blues, greys and golden, this abstract design marks sophistication. This hand wall painting has a marble touch, which makes your room look no less than a dream come true. The piece creates a unique, artistic charm to the vibe of your room, bringing an essence of positivity and class. The unique colour combination makes this hand wall painting very eye-catchy and ravishing.

The Marble Mosaic

5. Buddha in Paradise

When you buy wall paintings online in India, you’ll come across some of the art pieces that soothe your eyes and your mind. Buddha in Paradise is one of them. A perfect amalgamation of pink, yellow, purple and white, this hand wall painting brings a breeze of peace and calmness to your room. It has a burst of popping colours and styles that transform your room into no less than a paradise. It has a very simple yet modern look.

Buddha in Paradise

6. Spread your roots

Do the beauty of nature inspire you? Inspired by nature, this is a resplendent hand wall painting. Beautifully depicting the hidden elements of life, this canvas art has an incredibly gorgeous detailing of white, browns and golden. The play of golden colour makes this abstract art looks uber stylish, making it perfect for the neutral shade walls of your home. When you buy canvas art online, the first and foremost element to consider is its size. The size of this wall arts is another element that makes it stand out. Big enough to catch everyone’s eyes in the room, Spread your Roots is one of the best hand wall paintings by Dekor Company.

There is a unique charm in hand wall paintings, each of them narrates a different story. A story that the artist exclusively curated for your walls. Choose your paintings and let them tell your story and persona. These were the six beautiful hand wall paintings that you must buy. Grab them to transform your interiors into no less than a dream!

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