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How to Find the Most Stylish Wall Decoration Ideas?

Walls are often dealt with as an afterthought in any room decor. We ignore the fact that our largest canvas is our walls. We can paint and decorate them in a way that reflects our personality. Anyone coming to our home must get a hint of the kind of aura that surrounds you, through your interiors. And wall decorations are a great way to do it. Below are the five things that would give your walls a revamp they deserve.

Let's get started!

Canvas Art

Give an eccentric touch to your wall with exuberant canvas art. A splash of red, blue, black and gold can lighten up any room and will leave your guests awestruck. Wall decorations like canvas art are a must-have for any home. It makes your room look artsy and classy, letting you tell your story. You can choose some of our best canvas art by Dekor Company like Abstract Floral Geometric Design and Yellow and Green Stingray Framed Canvas Wall Art.

Abstract Shapes Patterned Framed Canvas Wall Art

Wall Plates Decor

    You can always go a little overboard with your home decor by selecting the perfect wall plates decor. Wall plates decor brings a sense of charm and shines to the room. Wall plates decor is sturdy, striking and long-lasting. Remember to choose the designs, colours and sizes according to the kind of interiors you have. You can also opt for a wall plates decor gallery, pairing up different sizes and designs of wall plates together, making the room look extraordinarily amazing. Check out our favourite wall plates decor, Asteroid Metallic Wall Art Panel now!

    Surface of Jupiter Metallic Wall Art Panel

    Wall clocks

      Want something aesthetic yet functional for your room? Wall clocks are a gateway to stylish home decor. You can buy some surreal wall clocks online, from vintage to modern. Going for a wall clock online will not only let your walls look uber stylish but would also add a functional value to the room. Walk into it, and feel good catching up with an aesthetic masterpiece. Our favourite wall clocks online by Dekor Company are Grand Central Decorative Wall Clock, Urban Gears Wall Clock and Modern Swiss Movement Wall Clock. Wall clocks online are available in a variety of designs with Roman or Arabic numbering, so, choose what suits your room best.

      Urban Gears Wall Clock

      Wall Mirrors

        Another way to make your room shine is through wall mirrors. One of the best wall decorations options that you'll get, is wall mirrors. Not only do they add a hint of shine and glitter to the room but also lets your decor mark class and sophistication. It gives a rich, up to class look to your guests. Available online in captivating designs, wall mirrors enhance the beauty of the room. They serve the purpose of both, a functional mirror and a decorative item. You can hang it at the entry of your home or in the gallery, to alleviate the style quotient of your home. Some of the best picks are The Twin Face Decorative Wall Mirror and The Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror.

        The Golden Piped Decorative Wall Mirror

        Now that we know what to buy for stylish wall decoration, let us know how to do it. Below are five quick tips on how to put together the most stylish wall decoration.

        • Don't Rush

        Take your time to select and put together the best wall decoration for yourself. The home decor might seem an easy job but it can be tiring, so don't rush. Be patient and choose vivid colours and sleek designs for your walls. For example, choosing a wall clock online that matches your wall plates decor and accent furniture can be tough, but once you put them all together your home looks no less than a dream.

        • Measure, measure and measure

        Taking the right measurements are extremely crucial. When you don't measure your wall and the wall decorations correctly, your room becomes a mismatched place of decor. So, be it a wall clock online or wall plates decor or canvas art, measure it properly. Your room should neither look overcrowded with large wall decorations nor should it look too plain and incomplete with tiny objects on the walls. Also, hang them at proper eye level. When every piece is hung closely at eye level, each wall decoration stands out.

        • Follow the colour scheme

        Fabulous home decor is built on the pedestal of the right colour scheme. Choose your colour palette carefully. Try to mix and match neutrals with exuberant shades of orange and blue. This lets the room look lively and beautiful. Your wall decoration should also follow the colour scheme and the colours in your palette. Choosing something that doesn't blend well with your palette will look absurd and ambiguous.

        • Don't be basic

        When it comes to styling, you can't be basic. You have to think outside the box when it comes to exasperating room decor. Provide a sense of momentum to your decor by choosing art and wall decorations that blend well with each other pieces in the room. The unique placement and selection of artwork let you reflect your beauty through art, elevating any space.

        • Let your favourites shine

        Be it wall plates decor or canvas art, let your favourite pieces shine. Let them become the focal point of the room and grab all eyes. When you start styling your home with your favourite piece, the task itself becomes easier. The room begins to tell a story where every piece narrates a part, small or big.

        So, these were some quick tips to decorate your walls easily and have the most stunning wall decor. Now that you know what to buy and how to buy, let's start the shopping spree!

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