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Refresh Your Kids Room with These 7 Designer Themes

The initial years of a child’s development are essential for their wholesome growth and the environment plays a crucial role in the same. Using creative themes, joyful patterns, and exquisite decor while decorating kids’ rooms can be stimulating for their happy moods. These days kids have specific demands about how to enhance their rooms inspired by action movies and fairytales which makes the task of interior décor a daunting one. Here is a guide with 7 amazing designer themes for home decor India online that will instantly transform your kids’ room into their happy abode.


1.    Colors = Fun

Using colours to enrich your kid’s space is the best decision you will ever make. Adding colours is important in multiple ways as it creates a lively environment and reflects the joys of life. There are several ways of adding colours to your kid's room no matter how to colour-specific your kids are. Place comfortable and vibrant lounge chairs like the Italian Pleated Accent Lounge Chair that can double up as the reading and the studying chair. The Three-Legged Lake District Ottoman is another quirky way of bringing life to your kids' rooms that will imbibe a new sense of comfy styling. Always be open to experimenting with home décor India online trends to ensure your child’s room looks and feels the best!



2.    Keep it natural

Having natural hues in the room helps the kids to relax better and feel loved. Opt for nature-themed hand wall paintings like Lima Butterfly and Leaf Canvas Print that will instantly give earthly feels to the room. Keeping plants in the room is a way of attracting positive energy and the kids’ room can be one perfect location for the same. Placing their favourite plants in elegant planters like On-Trend Abstract Gold Planter is an easy way of giving a modern touch to the room. Nature is known to spread serenity and peacefulness and by adding all the natural elements to the room you can bring nature close to your kids. Both hand wall painting and planters are a great way to decorate your child’s room.



3.    Have an eye for aesthetics

Considering the fact how fast kids grow and how rapidly their choices change, it is important to invest in home décor India online items that are timeless regardless of the change of choices in your kids. One of the ways of creating such an evergreen and classic room is placing unique room décor items. Wooden accent table like the Moore Nesting Table is one the most efficient and durable items for kids’ room as they can serve multiple purposes at a time. Scenting candles lift the mood and diffuse celebratory vibes to any space. Candle stands like the Country Glass Hand Blown Glass Candle Stand can be a great addition to the room as it is antique and opulent. Place them on the accent table for special and festive occasions, under your supervision of course, and light up your child’s room!



4.    Animal themed Décor

Everyone knows even without saying about the incessant love of kids for animals. Decorating the kids’ room with animal-themed home décor India online items is one of appreciating their fondness for animals. This can be different ways either by painting the walls with animal motifs and prints or by placing animal hand wall paintings and other decor items in the room. The Jumping Stallion Handmade Painting is an absolute masterpiece that is well suited not just for your kids’ room but for any location in your house. For a subtle look with the animal, the theme tries placing the antique Colorful Tropical Butterfly Kaleidoscope Shadow Box with vivacious butterflies in the frame. Placing decorative showpieces on kids’ study tables can make the space look happy and charming. The Pink Flamingo Glass Decorative Showpiece is the ideal choice for older kids.


5.    Create a contemporary themed room

These days the contemporary themed kids’ rooms are growing popular as they look fancy and stylish. Kids will fall in love with their space once you accommodate such a transformation in their bedroom. A modern wall clock like the Chester Roman Wall Clock is a glamorous piece to bring an overall industrial and sleek change to the room. Using trendy rugs like the Aqua Marine Circular Rug is a blend of both contemporary and artistic designs in one. This theme is perfect for a kid who marches on the beats of his or her drum as this will appeal to their free-spirited soul. Bring home these home decor India online items today!


6.    Light it up

It is rightly said that a well-lit room sets the mood right and this stands true even for the kids’ room. Always finds ways of lighting the space of your kid as this will spread happiness and warmth in their lives. For the kids who get overwhelmed by the loud designs, using minimal but beautiful lighting will create an open and calming environment. The Crown Royal Table and Floor Decorative Floor Lamp Combo is a graceful piece of home decor that can outshine everything else. Wall mirrors are also a creative way of bringing light to the kids’ room as they create an optical illusion of a larger space and make the space looks larger. The Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror is the quintessential beauty that will illuminate your kid’s space.


7.    Basic but not bare

Sometimes when you run out of ideas about how to decorate your kids’ room then keeping it basic remains the best option. It is useful as kids can experiment with their creative ideas and decorate their room in the ways that they like for themselves. Let them explore, create and outgrow their own ideas. Some of the essentials that you can place in the room consist of a bed, storage, and a dresser. This experimental arrangement of things will help them grow and offer a wide range of experiences for them. A good accent table like The Golden Ribbed Criss Cross Accent Side Table can be part of one of the versatile essentials that you put in the kids’ room.



These were some of the most loved kids’ rooms decorating ideas that will inspire you to create a dreamy space for your kids. Now do not let your kids settle for the less as they deserve all the love and happiness. Shop for all these lovely home decor India online from the comfort of your home and begin the journey of setting up a happy abode for your kids.


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