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27 Home Decor Design Ideas- Top Trends 2022 Everyone Should Know

Everyone desires a home that personifies our passion, reflects ourselves but also keeps up with the latest trends. Here is an ultimate guide with the 27 most voguish ideas of 2022 that will inspire you to create the home of your dreams in the best possible way.

  1. Wall Mirrors

A decorative Wall mirror plays a crucial role in enhancing the colours of your abode as it creates an optical allusion to a larger and brighter space. Hanging decorative wall mirror like the Leather Belt Mirror and the Twin Face Decorative Wall Mirror is the ultimate options to choose from. 


  1. Antique Lamps 

A beautifully lit house always feels warm and intimate which is the key to happiness. Choosing varied kinds of table lamp online can instantly bring a holistic change to your home. Have a look at the iconic West Coast Antique Floor and Green Comet Antique Lamp and the Stanford Floor Lamp with wireless charging accent table to get amazed with these beauties. 


  1. Quirky Planters

Adding plants to any space spreads the natural hues and freshens up the atmosphere. Stylish planters are the best way to add greenery to your house and be close to nature. Check out the On Trend Abstract Gold Planter that will speak volumes about your modern taste in home decor items.

  1. Canvas Wall Prints

Glamming up your walls can be the easiest transformation that you can bring to your homes. Using Canvas Wall Prints to add colours and hint at your personality is the best decision you will ever make when it comes to home décor. Milky Way Galaxy print will be the show stopper in this case. Pair these with a decorative wall mirror for a brilliant effect.

  1. Exquisite Rugs

Floors cover most of the space in any home therefore decorating them with the finest rugs must be your top priority. Home decor items like rugs make the space look bigger along with elevating colours. A Geometric Sketch Floor Rug is ideal for regular use at almost any location in your lovely house. 

  1. Shadow Boxes

Shadow Boxes are one of their kind of home décor items that are known for their opulent looks and versatility. These home décor items look elegant no matter placed on any wall in your house. The Butterfly Shadow Box is one mesmerizing beauty that will make your walls shine with gorgeousness. 

  1. Wooden side tables

Earthen shades create an aura of magic and serenity which makes any house a home. Using a wooden side table like Moore Side Table is easy to maintain and can be placed at multiple locations in your house. Place a table lamp online for best results.

  1. Metal Wall Art

If you are someone who loves beautiful home decor items then metal wall art is your perfect match. Made with durable metal in splendid colours, metal wall art is one decor piece that serves all your décor needs. Madison Floral Affair Metal Wall Art is nothing less than a beautiful dream for your lovely abode. Metal art looks fabulous when paired with decorative wall mirror!

  1. Nesting Coffee Table

Who doesn’t like a small coffee break especially when it happens in the favourite spot of your house? Turn the small nooks in your house into a cute coffee break corner with iconic nesting tables like Umami Nesting Coffee Table

  1.  Lounge Chairs 

Home is a space to relax, feel comfortable and be yourself. Relaxing is what everyone needs after a long day at work. Placing gorgeous lounge chairs like The Italian Pleated Accent Lounge Chair can make you experience leisure in style and luxury. 

  1. Premium Wall Clocks

Wall Clock Decor is more than just showcasing the preservers of time as these wall clocks can play a significant role in accentuating the overall looks of any space. Vintage wall clock decor like Wess English Wall Clock decor and the modern Roman Gear Wall Clock decor are two stunning beauties that will effortlessly transform your walls for the good. 

  1. Comfy Ottomans

Ottomans are all-time problem solvers of micro-homes as they can double up as both an accent chair and side tables. The Scottish Plaid Ottoman is an excellent option among ottomans and is one of the must-have home décor items.

  1. Candle Stands

Make your home not just look good but also smell homely and phenomenal with these fabulous home décor items. Pair your favourite candles with antique Candle Stands like The Countryside Hand blown Candle Stand to spread magic around. 

  1. Graceful Organizers

A smart and organized home is appreciated by everyone for its neat and well-arranged looks. Using multipurpose organizers like the Florence Ceramic Organizer for tissues and remote control is suitable for any décor style. 

  1. Unique serving platters

Replace your basic serve ware with contemporary options to serve your food in style. Urban Forest Wooden Serving Platter and Abbott Contemporary Serving Dish are pure bliss when come to choosing serving dishes.

  1.   Kitchen Storage Essentials

The kitchen is the place to display your love for cooking and home décor in a blended manner. Storing your snacks and other essentials in the Black and Gold Geometric Jars will give a minimalistic yet glamorous look. 

  1.   Handmade Paintings

Add artists’ best inspiration in form of the best handmade paintings like the Jumping Stallion to make your home look magnificent and charming. This will bring life to your walls with colors and charm. Placing them next to your table lamp online will make it looks stunning!

  1.  Decorative Showpieces

Bring a fresh bloom to your house by decorating empty tables and spaces with designer showpieces. The Milano Handblown Glass Decorative Showpiece is a scintillating piece for your house. 

  1.   Artistic Vases

Let your home tell tales of glory with the most artistic and luxurious vases. Valencia Decorative Vase with ivory base is classy and will give a royal touch to your house.

  1.   Fancy Bowls 

Leave your guests wondering about your beautiful collection of authentic serving bowls like the Blue and White Starfish Dish Set. Vibrant colours and the marine theme make them statement pieces. 

  1. Desk Lamps

Lights are the most convenient way of lifting the mood and soothing the environment. Choosing a table lamp online like Fawn Sleek Base Lamp gives the focused light for maximum illumination in minimum space. 

  1.  Ethnic decor souvenirs

Ethnic décor is timeless as it depicts the celebrated Indian roots. Home décor inspired with such glorious art makes your ambience a gloried story. Ecstasy Elephant Family Decorative Piece is a quintessential item for your home. You can also use decorative wall mirror, table lamp online, wall clock decor and many other ethnic souvenirs to add a unique touch to your space.

  1. Gold finish Side Tables

Everything that shines is not gold but these tables with fine quality gold finish make you believe otherwise. Golden Ribbed Criss Cross Accent Table is a beautiful piece of furniture to place anywhere in your home.

  1. Mirror Trays

Mirror trays are the most loved home décor items as they redefine serving and decorating in style. Florence Vintage Tray is one standalone piece for its art and designs.

  1.  Deluxe Dining Chair 

Host all the dinner parties with cosy and comfortable dining chairs such as the Blake Upholstered Dining Chair. This is an unparalleled pick for your chic décor ensemble.

  1. Retro décor

If you are somebody who enjoys adding a touch of whimsy to your space, then this Retro Pineapple Handblown decorative glass is an ideal choice for you!

  1. Quirky Dinnerware

Our Glistening Blue Starfish Lidded Storage Jar, the Glace Reindeer Holder Ceramic Snack Bowl and so many other quirky serverware and dinnerware are the ideal choices if you are looking for something fresh and new for your home!

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