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Metal Wall Art vs Hand Wall Painting: Differences that You Need to Know!

When you want to turn your home into a blissful experience, you need to pay attention to every corner of it. While styling your home, one mistake that you might make is to consider walls as an afterthought. Walls must never be taken lightly. They have the power to change the aesthetics of a room instantly. Perfect wall art can help you alleviate the style quotient of the room. Walls are the best way for you to express yourself and let your room look artistically beautiful.

If you are wondering which wall art you must buy, then you've come to the right place. Here you'll find several wall decors options and facts you must know about them. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll ahead!

What is metal wall art?

Metal wall art is the kind of artwork for your wall that combines metal elements together. Though metal wall art doesn't add any utility to the room, it definitely brings an aesthetic value. It is the new age decor. It has replaced traditional wall art like paintings and other wall hangings. Metal wall art looks profoundly stylish. It lets nobody sit in the room without grabbing their eyes.

Where to hang metal wall art - Indoors or outdoors?

Artistic people who like to experiment and never go out of style bring together indoor and outdoor metalwork ensembles in their homes. Interior metal wall decor makes a bold statement. It infuses with the charm of your abode and adds to its beauty.

You can also buy metal wall art from Dekor Company, one of the best home decor websites and hang them outside as well. Outdoor metal wall art helps give the exterior of your room an extraordinary makeover. It marks finesse and flair even to the exteriors.

What kind of metal wall art to choose?

First of all, decide the wall on which you want to hang it. We would suggest that you must choose a large wall so that your metal wall art is bold and stunning. Explore with undertones and understand your style before you pick the right piece for your wall. While picking a metal art feature, pay attention to the colour of the background wall and then select the shades of your metal wall art accordingly. You can also opt for 3 D metal wall arts. They add more depth and character to the room. A multi-layered eccentric design catches the eyes of everyone entering the house.

The size of the artwork should be according to the available space on the wall. A large piece looks prominent and eye-catchy. You will get a number of metal wall decor options online by Dekor Company, one of the best home decor websites. Ranging from floral ecstasies to modern abstracts, you'll find a number of options of metal art to grace your wall!

Hand wall painting vs metal wall art?

Hand wall paintings let your room define aesthetics artistically. These exuberant artworks make your room look homely and beautiful. While metal wall art adds oomph to the space, hand wall paintings are a form of self-expression. Where every painting narrates a story of its own, it is you who'll decide which one to make yours. You must always choose hand wall painting that reflects who you are. Hand wall paintings shouldn't just add glam to the room but bring a sense of character and depth to it as well.

How to choose the right-hand wall painting?

If you want to pick the perfect hand wall painting, first consider the colour palette of your room. If you have a subtle toned colour palette with neutral undertones, you can grace your walls with popping, vibrant hues. You must also not be scared to go big. Large hand wall paintings make the space come to life.

Below are the best hand wall paintings you must check out:

Stroll in Paris

Paris, the city of love and life is brought to your living room in this hand wall painting. It has a stunning essence of vivid colours and intricate strokes defining style in every way.

Stroll in Paris

The Abstract Ocean Bubble

Get the feeling of diving in the ocean through this abstract art. Wander and get lost in the beauty of the ocean blues with this amazing painting. It has a reef at the bottom and the work of lines and bubbles on top like water.

The Abstract Ocean Bubble

Below is the best metal wall art you must check out:

Madison Floral Affair Metal Wall Art

Inspired by the beauty of nature, this metal wall art is the mark of style and charisma. The shades of grey, gold and beige make it speak of modernity and charm. The floral patterns look luxurious and make this piece a masterpiece.

Madison Floral Affair Metal Wall Art

Natures Love Metal Wall Art Panel

The nature-inspired metal wall art adds radiance and charm to the walls. The different hues of seashells and the circular green plate make it a solitary piece that will become the focal point of your room.

Natures Love Metal Wall Art Panel

These were the fundamental differences between metal wall art and hand wall paintings. Hope you found this blog helpful!

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