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How to buy the best vases in India?

Vases turn out to be stunning home decoration items, ideal for making place on your dining tables, side tables and showcases. Flower vases are one of the home decorations items that you can keep both indoors and outdoors. These home decoration items are receptacles used for plants or flowers. Adding on, they can also be used solitary without any flowers in them. Vases are generally available in various materials like a glass flower vase or a ceramic flower vase. Though flower vases may appear to be purely aesthetic at a glance, they also add practical value to the room like freshness because of the presence of plants. They also improve the perception of spaces, beautifying the various corners of your room. A flower vase makes a great piece for aesthetic interiors along with serving as a perfect gifting option for your close ones. It also marks magnificence and will be your go-to gift during the festive season. So, this article contains all the helpful information you need to know before you buy vases in India. Let’s get started.

The Ombre Handblown Glass Decorative Vase

What should you pay attention to while buying the best vase for your room?

For considering home decoration items for your space, you must first consider their primary visual functions. For that, you must take certain factors into account.

  1. Vase with base: When you look for a flower vase online, you’ll notice that some vases have a more structured and bolder base. Along with serving the visual purpose, it keeps the piece in place and prevents falling and breaking. It acts as a sort of support to the flower vase.
  2. Vase without base: It is a minimal, lighter style of vase. These flower vases online do not have heavy bases, looking sleek and stylish from every angle. These are easier to hold and move, keeping up with the traditional style of vases.
  3. Vase with relief: Relief refers to the extra decorations and detailing along the length of the vase. Flower vases with relief consist of designs, figures and shapes as additional decorations. It makes a piece look strong and classy with embellishments all over the surface.
  4. Unembossed vases: If you’re someone who always looks for minimalistic home decor, you can go for unembossed vases. These are vases with smooth surfaces and striking colours.

Buying Criteria

As the world takes a step towards digitization, shopping for the best designs sitting at your home or office becomes comfortable. When you get hundreds of options for your home decoration items with just one click, many factors have a cross-cutting role to play in what you buy. To buy a flower vase online, you have some key factors to keep in mind. For you to bring the best to the table (literally!), we must consider the following points:

  1. Material: Quality comes first. The quality and the material of the flower vase is the first and foremost point to consider. The product material decides the look and feel of it, and makes it break-resistant, etc. You can buy a flower vase online in the following material:
  • Ceramic: These look super fine and have slightly more resistance than other flower vases. It helps the piece to stay at a place, without slipping and toppling. They are often made white but can be painted in gradients that look very in-vogue.
  • Glass: If you like to give your room an urbane mood, you must look for a glass flower vase online. Glass flower vases are very delicate and visually pleasing. Imagine your marble round accent table topped with a bewitching glass flower vase. Making a perfect combo, it’s a cherry on the cake!

The Crystal Green Handblown Glass Decorative Vase

  1. Height
If you wish to keep flowers in your flower vase, then the height of the art really matters. It is because the type of flowers that can be placed in it is limited by this aspect. You can’t keep flowers with verticals too long in a vase that is too small. Moreover, to bring an essence of excitement and interest to the interiors, you must alternate the heights of various home decoration items.
  1. Colour
Make your space vibrant, alluring, and stunning. Colours fill up your room with life and oomph. Opting for a good colour invigorates every corner it is placed in. For keeping it indoors, select opaque pieces with breath-taking reliefs. For outdoors, choose those with a bold base.
  1. Design

The design of your home decor items determines the energy of your room. You can choose flower vases online that draw inspiration from the royal ornamental detailing like the popular Egyptian Pharaoh Ceramic Vase by Dekor Company. If you like fine art with minimal details, choose the Black and Gold Nile Handblown Vase. If you like to go a little extra with your home decor, you can also check out the Modern Bell Krater Ceramic Vase; it adds a brilliant accent to your room and we personally love it!

Coming to styling

Now let’s come to the styling part of it. After you’ve bought an alluring piece for your space, you also need to make sure that it blends well with the aesthetics. These flower vases can perfectly complement your round accent tables, side table, shelves and dining tables.

One way to style them is to place them solitary. Another is to put some pretty flowers inside. You can use real or artificial flowers for it. A solitary glass vase would bring elegance to the room. Whereas, a floral vase marks positivity, freshness and vibrance.

This one was a quick guide for you to buy the best vases in India. We hope this was useful; you’ll not forget these points the next time you’re buying a vase for your home, or gifting. Visit our website, and get your hands on some of our exclusive flower vase designs.

Also, if you’re looking for more such guides for you to buy other home decoration items, read on our website.

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