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Tips to decorate your place with beautiful vases

A small vase or a floor-length vase, vases are certainly one of the best home embellishments. Vases are a quick and easy house decoration thing that can spruce up your space naturally. Vases that contain a bunch of flowers or plants, bring positive vibes to the home. 

Whether you adorn your vase with a fresh seasonal bunch of flowers or something as rustic as tumbleweed combined with gigantic fabric flowers, it sets the mood right! Here we will talk about decorating your home using beautiful vases. Whether it is a special event or a regular household, here is how you can enliven your life with these excellent vase decoration ideas.

Try different vase fillers

Traditionally, a big flower vase is only used to hold flowers and plants, but not anymore. If you want to bring some panache and class to your home, try some different vase fillers to make the space look exceptional and more elegant. 

Some unique decorative vases filler ideas for you are:

  • Jelly beads: One of the most popular and adored vase fillers is jelly or glass beads. They come in bright and unusual colours. You can arrange various small and tall vases filled with it to keep them together. 
  • Pebbles: A vase filled with river rocks is perfectly suited for the nature lover in you. Take a huge bulky vase and fill small pebbles topped with large stones till about halfway up the vase. Then add colourful plants and flowers to provide a perfect finish. 
  • Grains: For a vase near a kitchenette or a jar proudly sitting on top of your refrigerator, fill it up with the natural elements such as spices and grains, to make it the undeniable attention grabber of your home. 
  • Candles: Put a couple of candles in different heights inside the vase to add sheer elegance and grace. It is suggested that instead of directly putting the candles, arrange it over stones or artificial grass. 
  • Sand and seashells: Adding sand and seashells in the decorative vases will be yet another majestic site for your guests. You can also buy artificial ceramic sculptors such as starfish and coral reefs online. 
  • Smileys or small balls: How about adorning your child’s room with an unbreakable transparent vase filled with bright small balls and smileys?  
  • Nuts and bolts: A perfect match for your man’s study room! This farmhouse style filler idea can include things like coins, scrabbles, screws, nuts, and bolts in a mason jar. 

You can adorn your vases with some of these vase fillers, and these are quite inexpensive too. You can look for more vase fillers online and buy vase online India too

DIY vase

If you hunt, you will surely find an unused plain, white, or black big flower vase in your home. You can also buy one from the market at an unbelievably low price. Now, use your creativity and power of imagination to turn those plain vases into something jazzy. This will not only help you create something very special which you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life but will also be a fun activity. 

You will find various craft items such as porcelain flowers, measuring tape, paints, and colours, etc. in the nearest home decor products or crafts store. And, you do not need an expert artistic talent to make gorgeous vases too. If you have some empty wine bottles, just wrap the unused yarn in different colors. Take a brush and paint a white vase into a colourful and modish pattern. Using clay to make your own unique designs of vases, flowers, and petals is another great idea. One easy trick is to wrap a ribbon to create a design. You can overlap various ribbons in different colours and place them neatly. Tin cans can also be transformed into pretty vases. 

Explore unique vases

There are ordinary vases, and there are some unique compositions. Have you dreamt of having some of the most exciting and inspirational pieces of decorative vases in your homes, such as a bag-shaped vase or a boot-shaped vase? How about a kettle vase or a wooden vase? For this, you will have to explore house decoration things online, visit flea markets, go to home décor items exhibitions, and elite handicraft stores. At one of these places, you will surely get something unique to buy the same right away. You can also check to buy vase online in India

Go for an oversized vase

The vases are available in various shapes and sizes. You can select vases in different shapes such as a cuboid, mason jar, round, cylindrical, hurricane, bud, conical, etc. There are also dramatic floor-length vases that have been becoming increasingly popular lately. The big flower vase can have a height of about 40 cm. They can be kept at the entrance or one of the corners of the living room. Adorn the same with big dry twigs, herbs, dried flowers, bamboo, and long branches.  

Miniature vases

Miniature vases such as eggshells or seashells look graceful on them when you glorify them with something springy and fresh. You can also arrange these miniature decorative vases in a round and deep ceramic dish floating in the water. 

Crystal vases

One of the most impressive and sought-after home decor products are crystal vases. They may cost you more than the others, but it looks profusely stunning. It can ornate your living room or the bedroom, even the office area. You can buy a simple crystal vase or intricate crystal vase. 

Allow over-do

There is nothing like – “too many flower vases”. You can have many of them, and they can adorn many portions of your house. You can have decorative vases in different shapes, colors, and styles. The vases in various combinations in the same house or same room are always welcome. The only thing to bear in mind is that they must fit around well.

The decorative vases surely enliven and energize the ambience of the house, isn’t it? It is always a brilliant idea to decorate your home with standout vases. So, begin your vase shopping spree and don’t forget to check home decor items online

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