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10 Carpets for Your Living Room for An Impressive Outlook

Why are carpets an important part of home décor?

Home décor is necessary to create a compelling and inspiring living environment, but sometimes some of us could use something simple and unobtrusive to tie the room's look together, like a beautiful carpet for living room! Floors need love too and that’s why you find carpets occupying a prominent position in many home décor websites.

Rugs and Carpet for living room forms an integral part of designing and enhancing the overall outlook of any space. Further, rugs and carpets not only reinforce the design scheme but also create a visual impact by connecting spaces and highlighting features of the room.

Some things to keep in mind before buying carpets for living room

A rug for living room is a simple way to update your floors and interiors and transform a room but there are many inhibitions in our minds when we go out to buy one. Here is the ultimate guide about how to choose the perfect option and the things you should be mindful of before buying a carpet for living room.  

  • Size of the room- one should always remember that the foremost rule of home décor is measurements. In case you are skeptical about what size of rug suits the space, you can do a trial run with a newspaper to get a rough idea about the same. The bigger the rug sizes, the more dominant are the colours in the rooms.
  • The shape of the rug- we should get over the conventional rectangular rugs to realize that different shapes of rugs add a style statement to your space. There are ample varieties of shapes available in our collection that will help you to choose the best.
  • Color/Pattern of the rug- Colours will never disappoint you given you choose the correct colour scheme. While looking for a carpet one should remember that the pattern and the colour of the rug must go with the colours of the space to create a visual balance.

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Now that we know the best practices for buying rugs and carpets from fabulous home décor websites, here are our top 10 carpet choices for your living room.

We at the Dekor Company have chosen the best carpets for living room for you so that you can just sit back, relax and shop from one of your favorite home decor websitesWe also have a gorgeous collection of rugs for the living room, bedroom, or guest room that will enlighten up your space.

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Quintessential abstract patterned rug: Our blue contemporary rug consisting of abstract patterns with a tint of golden and blue sings an ode to beauty. This rug can be placed at almost any location in your home because of its unique and stylish designs and shape.

Aqua-themed rug: The oceanic blues always spread a refreshing breeze in the space and so does our coastal splash floor rug for living room. Made with exuberant colours of blue, white, and gold, this rug is perfect for your home.

Geometric patterned rugs: Geometric patterns are timeless beauties that not only make your room look classy but adds a hint of charm. Our Campel Geometric Pattern Rug for living room is nothing less than a dream. With grey, orange, and brown hues, the geometric patterns bring a luxurious feel to this rug for living room.

Rug Depicting Glorious Skies: Nature never fails to spread its magic because it is pristine and captivating. Our sky full of surprises rug works in a similar manner. It spreads hues of blue and gold depicting free birds that will instantly transport you to your happy place.

Oval-shaped Rug: When the regular rectangular rugs fail to spread glamour then the eccentric oval-shaped rugs have to step in. The splendid floor rug with the shades of blue, grey, and white brings in subtle beauty with intriguing concentric figures. It is a suitable carpet for living room because of its unique pattern.

Tie and Dye Rug for living room:  Our oriental Tie and Dye carpet is a beautiful blend of traditional and modern designs. The pop of blue and gold colours adds vibrance to the rug and makes it the ideal choice for your drawing room.

Wavy Pattern Rug: Waves represent vitality, buoyancy and symbolize the significance of continuity in life. Our oceanic abstract floor carpet for living room with the pattern of waves in gold, blue, and white brings authentic elegance to your ambience.

Circular Patterned Rugs: The classic circular patterns are the ultimate designs that never go off trend. Our Solar Vortex floor rug available on our home décor website is an amalgamation of simplicity and creativity comprising of golden circles in the backdrop of grey and blues. This sophisticated rug is well suited for your living room as well as your bedroom since simplicity is loved by all.

Golden Hues Rug: Gold is an everlasting colour that spreads like the ray of sunshine in our abode. The Rays of Gold Swirl rug will not only brighten up the space but also enhance the textures of the room. Made with colours incorporating golden, grey, and off-white, this rug is all that the floors of your living room desire. 

Sede Patterned Rugs: Your unique home calls for the most extraordinary décor rugs. Our Sede Patterned Floor Rug with striking geometric patterns in the shades of blue, golden, and white will definitely match your home décor. It looks best when placed in the living room and creates a cohesive look for your space.

You should never underestimate the simple home décor items that can elevate your home and rugs and carpet for living room are one of them. Depending on the size and colours of your space you can easily shop for the latest patterns of rugs from our home décor website. The premium quality and the vast variety of designs available will definitely wow you. Tell us, which one is your favorite?

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