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What essential furniture items would you include in your compact house?

Only because you don’t have a spacious home doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt your style. Decorating a small space, just like a large one, simply requires innovation and a good eye for what works and what doesn’t. The focus is going to be a little bit different when you’re working with less square footage for the obvious reasons yet the general rules of design will still remain the same.

Dekor Company knows it all and promises, a small space doesn’t have to be a big challenge! Hence whether you’re trying to figure out how to style your living room in a studio apartment or need some guidance on making the best use of space in a not-so-spacious bed room, follow the tips below and make your home shine.

Multipurpose Tables

Is your sofa your work space? Also your dining room? Well, if you are genuinely in need of space saving furniture, get a tray table or laptop table. With an adjustable table, you won’t need to invest in a separate coffee table, nor will you miss having a dedicated space for your meals, as you can comfortably do both with a tray table like this.

The Umami Coffee Table

Nesting Tables

Any house party with more than two to three guests generally implies that your counter space and coffee table are full of glasses, bowls and serving trays. We understand the hassles and that’s why we suggest going for nesting tables instead of regular coffee tables in a smaller home. For example Dekor Company’s premium Vesta Nesting Coffee table set or Glider Nesting table in Scandinavian design. Pulling out an extra table will let you host better, and deal with lesser mess! Nesting tables also help when you want to use a matching table as a plant stand, or a bedside table.

Vesta Nesting Coffee Table Set

Coffee Tables with Seating

Some of us have aesthetic requirements. We really love having both coffee and dining tables. That’s when coffee tables with seating become our life savers when it comes to space-saving furniture. What makes them special are the seats hidden under the table which you can pull out just as many as you might need at a given time. These are a great option for homes that host lot of guests, whether small or not!

Coffee Tables with Seating

Accent Chairs

There’s nothing better than sinking into a big, soft armchair, cushiony, and curling up to watch a movie or read a book. But, not every home has the luxury of having something that big. And trying to find a smaller version of it, often results in an inferior and rather uncomfortable chair. Hence instead of finding the mini version, pick something compact and little different. Doing this will get you a chair you genuinely enjoy sitting on and is still aesthetically pleasing. Look at our Zorin Accent Lounge chair or the Italian Pleated Accent Lounge chair! They are comfortable and allow the chair to have a high wingback-like backrest while still being a smaller piece of furniture that won’t overwhelm a tight space. A chair like this suits living room, family room, den, office, or even foyer.

Accent Chairs

Tables with Storage and Shelving

When it comes to space-saving furniture, it’s also about storage. The ones with family usually are in need of storage spaces like cupboard, shelves etc. But in a small house, too many cupboards makes it look clumsy and adding more storage space can become a difficult task. That’s when tables with storage and shelves become handy. Like our supreme Mystique Tube Double Decker Accent table. You can use that extra space to store newspapers, documents, books, remotes, electronics, or anything you like.

Floor Lamps

A small room can really open up with the perfect lighting. Hence in addition to letting natural light shine in through the windows, try additional lighting throughout your space to bring in some additional warmth. And floor lamp like Dekor Company’s Crown Royal or Lladro English floor lamp really helps, as you don’t need a table or desk to keep them. They are tall and sleek hence even contribute in adding extra height to your space. You can pick any and place especially towards the corners. Or position lamps on either side of a couch or fireplace to create a focus for the room. You can even use a floor lamp beside or directly under an art piece to draw attention to it.

The West Coast Antique Floor Lamp

Wall Mirrors

Mirrors can be used in various creative ways, and in small spaces and homes their functionality doubles. They impart the feeling of additional space into rooms by reflecting back natural and non-natural lighting, creating an illusion of more square footage. They’re also practical on their own. Buy mirrors online from our extravagant wall mirrors collection. Like the Twin Face Decorative wall mirror or the sleek Leather Belt Decorative Wall Mirror. Use one large mirror or assemble smaller ones throughout the room. You can even opt for gallery wall of mirrors as you might do with wall art.

 Decorative Wall Mirror

Accent Table

A nook that you might otherwise leave empty in a large space can be used in a small space for additional functionality. For example, placing an accent table like Zen Aura Dual Marble or the Golden Sphere Accent table, only if it won’t clutter the space too much. It’s a creative way to take advantage of under-utilized nooks and corners instead of chalking them as wasted space. Place Dekor Company’s table decor items such as candle stands like Jade Green Crescent Shaped Candle Stand or luxury table lamps like White and Gold Plateau Decorative table lamp. You can even add touch of nature with plants or flowers, decorated in premium vases like the Crystal Green or the Triple Wall Hand blown Glass Decorative vase.

Accent Table

These solutions have been tried and tested. Also when you have small home, try monotone themes as they increase height and lend the spaciousness of palace. For each and every theme and interior colour, there are home decor items with us. Hence add a pinch of glamour and panache of Dekor Company products to your interiors without worrying of space.

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