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Wall Decor Ideas to Keep your Home Unique

Home is the most important place for most of us. Home decoration converts your house to the home. It is an essential part of the home and spreads positivity. It also helps in creating an interest among the people towards their household. If their rooms are decorated as per their need and taste they too would feel it to be an important member of the family and would take care of their home. Adding new decorative touches on your wall is always considered to be a good home decor idea.

Here are home decor ideas to keep your space fresh 

Choosing the right paint color for a room

Paint color is the very first thing when we talk about wall decor ideas. Paint colors have a huge impact on the overall ambiance of your home, It can be statement-making or soothing. Paint color expresses from old fashioned charm to modern appeal. A cool color can calm you, whereas a warm tone can energize you. Here are the top choices for your living room:


Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, it's one of the most effective paint colors for living rooms. If you don't have the space for keeping the house plants, green wall decor ideas are the best option for your living room. It's perfect for those who find neutral too boring.


Gray is a cool, neutral, and balanced color, It is among the most popular living room colors. It can pair from modernist decor to vintage ensembles. Gray color gives a sophisticated look for any room in the house. It also makes your living room feel more spacious. It is for those who like to experiment with pops of color and conversation pieces.


The blue color symbolizes trust, confidence, intelligence, and truth. The blue color gives your living room the calming and stabilizing effect. If your living room has a hardwood floor, blue is a perfect choice. Blue color has many attractive shades that go with neutral colors.  

Hang a decorative wall mirror

In city spaced homes with meager Natural light, a mirror on the wall will be a blessing as it bounces the light around the room helping the space feel brighter and wider than it actually is. While mirrors are useful, adding a touch of beauty to it amplifies the aesthetics of the room. Some mirrors come in unique shapes which helps in exploring the wall decoration ideas. Also, it is recommended in the home decoration ideas to hang the mirror opposite to an important or an aesthetically pleasing artifact, painting, or a piece of furniture as it gives that item a centered importance around the living space, as  compared to being hung across something unattractive.     

Wall shelves give a different view

Wall shelves help in taking your collection to the wall, to avoid running out of floor's space. Install wall shelves to showcase your treasured decorative showpieces, trophies, and sculptures. It is considered to be one of the important factors when we talk about the wall decoration ideas as it gives room for a much larger floor space.

Metal wall art gives the antique view

Metalwork through time has certainly become more and more decorative in nature. Ancient cups and bowls evidently reveals our inert interest in design and allows us to see some of the natural stages and progression of art. Metal wall art is also considered to be one of the best wall decor ideas of all time as it also gives artistic expression. Metal wall art not just sets up the mood but also adds an accent in the space.    

Use of plants

Plants are patient and docile. It helps build a Natural ambiance around your home and has certainly become a loved child in the homes of many Nature Lovers. Plants are perfect living accessories which also gives us a fresh dose of natural  benefits. Many of us use plants on the bookcases to give it a nurtured and natural look. Wall hanging plants don't just free up the workspace but also proves to be an effective wall decoration alternative. Not to mention, it's easier to maintain as well!

Add Removable Wall Arts

Removal wall art is always recommended to try out other types of wall decor ideas. Removable wall art is the best option for the ones who are living in rented houses and for those who want to experiment something new. The good one’s don't damage the walls.

Mount your television on the wall

More Wall decoration ideas to free up the floor space? Mounting your television is a good option as it frees up the floor space which helps in the enhancement of the wall and gives a different look to your living room or bedroom. This also helps in decorating your wall. 

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