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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Console Table for Your Entryway

The entryway of your home is the first impression you offer to your guests, making it a crucial space to decorate and design thoughtfully. One piece of furniture that can truly transform your entryway is the console table. In this ultimate guide, we'll explore the importance of a console table in your entryway, its dual role of function and style, and the various materials available to help you make an informed decision.

Setting the Stage: Why Your Entryway Deserves the Perfect Console Table

Your entryway serves as the gateway to your home, setting the tone for what lies beyond. It's not just a passageway; it's an opportunity to make a statement. A well-chosen console table design can instantly elevate the ambience of this space. Here are three different ways console tables can transform your home:

Functionality and Versatility

Console tables available on home decor websites like the Dekor Company are unique in that they offer both form and function. They provide a surface for decorative elements like vases, artwork, or family photos, allowing you to infuse your personality into the space.

Extra Storage

Consider choosing a console table design or an accent table with drawers or shelves. This added storage can help keep your entryway organized and clutter-free. You can use it to store keys, mail, or other essentials you need when leaving or entering your home. The top surface can be adorned with a stylish table lamp, a mirror, or a decorative bowl, adding both functionality and aesthetics to your entryway.

Style Statement

A console table or an accent table available on home decor websites is like a blank canvas waiting for your creative touch. Choose one that complements your interior style, whether it's sleek and modern, rustic and cosy, or anything in between. Its design, material, and finish can set the tone for the entire entryway.

You can display your personality and interests by adorning the accent table with items like family photos, artwork, or decorative objects. It's a perfect spot to showcase your favourite pieces or create a seasonal display that changes throughout the year.

Top 7 Console Table Design Trends of 2023

From innovative materials to cutting-edge shapes, discover how these emerging trends are reshaping the way you think about and incorporate console tables into your living spaces. Whether you're a trendsetter or simply seeking fresh inspiration, these insights will guide you toward creating a stylish and contemporary home environment.

Mixed Materials

Look for console tables that combine various materials like wood, metal, glass, or stone. Mixing materials in your side table for living room adds depth and visual interest to your entryway or living room.

Sculptural Designs

Console tables with unique and sculptural shapes will be in vogue. These side tables for living room can serve as functional art pieces, making a bold statement in your space.

Live Edge Wood

The natural, organic look of live edge wood is still trending. This brings a touch of rustic charm to contemporary interiors.

Geometric Patterns

Console tables with geometric patterns, whether on the tabletop or base, can add a dynamic and artistic flair to your decor. The Solace Sanctuary Gold Marble Top Console Table blends modern elegance with timeless luxury, offering a stunning centrepiece for your home decor.

Solace Sanctuary Gold Marble Top Console Table

Marble and Terrazzo

Marble and Terrazzo side table for living room are making a comeback. They offer an elegant and timeless touch to console tables, adding a sense of luxury to your space. The Tranquil Tide Console Table with a gorgeous marble top effortlessly brings a sense of serene coastal elegance to any living room with its soothing colour palette and timeless design.

Tranquil Tide Console Table for Living Room

Multifunctional Designs

With the need for space-saving furniture, console tables with built-in features like storage, fold-out desks, or charging stations are becoming increasingly popular. The Square Piped Double Decker Console Table Design in Gold exudes opulence and sophistication, making it a striking focal point for any luxurious living space. It’s also the perfect example of form and function.

The Square Piped Double Decker Console Table-Gold

Minimalist and Open Shelving

Streamlined, open shelving designs provide an airy and minimalist aesthetic, allowing you to showcase decor items while maintaining a clutter-free look. The Zenith Haven Centre Table for the living room combines sleek minimalist design with elegance, making it a perfect centrepiece for any contemporary home.

Zenith Haven Centre Table for Living Room

Sustainable Materials

Eco-friendly console tables made from sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood or recycled metal are in demand, reflecting a growing environmental consciousness in design.

Keep in mind that while these trends can provide inspiration, the most important factor in choosing a console table is how well it complements your personal style and fits within the overall design of your home. Mixing and matching elements from different trends and getting some unique showpieces from home decor websites can also result in a unique and personalized look for your space.

Top 5 Tips To Maintain Your Console Table

Maintaining a console table ensures its longevity and keeps it looking its best. Here are detailed and informative tips on console table maintenance:

Gentle Cleaning Solutions

For stubborn dirt or spills, use a mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with the solution and gently wipe the affected area. Immediately dry with a clean, dry cloth to prevent water spots or damage to the finish.

Protective Coatings

If your console table has a wood finish, it may benefit from periodic applications of furniture wax or polish. This not only enhances the shine but also provides a protective layer against moisture and minor scratches. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Use Coasters and Mats

To prevent water rings and heat damage from hot objects like coffee cups or plates, always use coasters and heat-resistant mats or trivets on the tabletop. This simple practice can prevent unsightly marks.

Felt Pads and Protectors

Place felt pads or protective caps on the legs or base of the table to prevent scratches on the floor and to minimize wear and tear on the table itself when it's moved.

Seasonal Care

Wood furniture can expand or contract with changes in humidity. Maintain a consistent indoor humidity level to prevent warping or cracking. Use a humidifier during dry months and a dehumidifier during humid months, if necessary.

By following these maintenance tips, you can preserve the beauty and functionality of your console table for years to come, ensuring it remains an attractive and functional piece in your home.

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6 Trending Ideas to Decorate Your Console Table

Decorating your console table can enhance the style and ambience of your living space. Here are the top 10 tips to help you decorate your console table effectively:

Symmetry or Asymmetry

Decide whether you want a symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangement. Symmetry provides a balanced, formal look, while asymmetry allows for more creativity and a relaxed vibe.


Build depth and interest by layering items. Start with your focal point, then add layers like smaller decorative objects like the Midnight Sun Table Decoration Showpiece, books, or plants in front or beside it.

The Midnight Sun Table Decoration Showpiece-Small

Greenery and Florals

Bring life to your console table with fresh flowers placed in the  Crystal Green Handblown Glass Decorative Vase or potted plants. They add a touch of nature and freshness to the space. Consider faux options if you prefer low maintenance.

The Crystal Green Handblown Glass Decorative Vase


Include appropriate lighting. A table lamp like the LLyon Classic Stainless Steel Crystal Lamp, a pair of sconces, or even string lights can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Ensure the lighting complements the overall design.

LLyon Classic Stainlless Steel Crystal Lamp with fabric shade

Seasonal Decor

Change your console table decor with the seasons or holidays. Swap out items like seasonal wreaths, themed decor, or holiday centrepieces to keep the look fresh.

Less is More

Avoid overcrowding the table. Leaving some empty space can be visually appealing and prevent a cluttered look. Edit your decor items regularly to maintain a clean, fresh appearance.

Selecting the perfect console table for your entryway is a thoughtful process that marries both style and functionality. From size and shape to materials and design trends, you now have the knowledge to make an informed choice that not only welcomes you and your guests but also adds an elegant touch to your home's first impression.

 Remember, the right console table isn't just furniture; it's a reflection of your unique style and sets the tone for the entire living space. So, go ahead, explore, experiment, and choose the one that resonates with your personal aesthetic, turning your entryway into a warm and inviting gateway to your world.

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