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Style Up Your Home with 7 Different Colour Themes This Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! And with the holidays approaching, there’s no better time to get festive and style up your home. Christmas is a time of celebration and decoration. There are endless possibilities to give your home a festive makeover, and the best part is that you don’t have to stick to traditional reds and greens. Why not take it up a notch this Christmas by bringing in different colour themes? Here are 7 different colour themes that will help you make your home look its best this holiday season.

1. Red & Green

This is the classic holiday colour scheme that we all know and love. Red and green provide a traditional holiday look that never goes out of style. Take your décor up a notch by adding metallic house decorative items in gold or silver to bring some sparkle to your space. You can also add white touches to make sure that this timeless combo doesn't look too overwhelming. Check out this fabulous floor lamp for living room i.e. the West Coast Antique Floor Lamp. Its gorgeous green and golden hues add a merry feel to any home. Pair this floor lamp for living room with a beautiful green and red carpet for the living room like Avion Contemporary Floral Bail Floor Rug, and you will have a traditional Christmas look that will be appreciated by all.

The West Coast Antique Floor Lamp

2. White & Silver

For those who prefer something more modern, white and silver are the way to go. Start by covering your walls with a light shade of white paint for a chic backdrop for your décor. Then add silver accents like wall art or house decorative items to bring some extra shine into your space. To make sure things don't look too cold, bring in some natural elements like wood or greenery for a cosy effect. In your living room especially, you can add touches of shiny silver and white with a modern floor lamp for living room or even fabulous paintings for living room.

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3. Blue & White

If you want something more subtle but still festive for Christmas, blue and white is a perfect choice! Start by painting your walls with a soft blue hue – such as pastel baby blue – then add white furniture pieces and house decorative items throughout the room for an elegant feel. For added texture, throw in some velvet pillows or curtains as well as touches of silver or gold details here and there to complete the look!  Wall plates decor or house decorative items like The Moksha Blue & White Chinoiserie Vase can help you achieve this look.

Moksha Blue & White Chinoiserie Vase

4. Gold & Pink

Gold and pink is another great combination that will be sure to turn heads this season! Begin by painting one wall in a bold shade of pink – such as magenta – then fill out the rest of the room with neutral colours like grey or black for a contrast effect. Finally finish off with gold accents such as wall art, lamps, ornaments, etc., to give everything an extra festive touch! The Milano Handblown Glass Decorative Showpiece - Big with a pastel pink and gold colouring is the perfect way to bring this theme together. Wall plates decor, too, with a touch of pink and gold will make your home look even more beautiful.

The Milano Handblown Glass Decorative Showpiece big

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5. Navy & Gold

For something truly unique this holiday season, try navy blue paired with gold accents! Start off by painting two accent walls navy blue while keeping other walls neutral (such as grey). Then add touches of gold throughout via furniture pieces like chairs or side tables as well as house decorative items such as garlands or wreaths on windowsills and doorways! This lovely Lille Modern Textured carpet for living room will add the perfect touch of navy blue and gold to your home.

Lille Modern Textured Floor Rug

6. Orange & Brown

If you're looking for an earthy option this year, try orange and brown together! Begin by covering one wall in an orange hue (such as terracotta) then fill out other areas with warm shades of brown like beige or tan for balance. Finally, finish off with touches of green from plants scattered around your space plus small details like candles or wreaths on shelves/tables/counters to give it all an extra special feel! Paintings for living room like the Wondrous Nature Framed Canvas Print can look magnificent, especially when paired with this colour theme. Paintings for living room can also be used to accessorize other walls in the room.

Wondrous Nature Framed Canvas Print

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7. Purple & White

Last but not least, if you're feeling adventurous this year why not try purple paired with white? Paint one wall lavender then keep other walls neutral (like cream) for balance - then add pops of white throughout via furniture pieces like side tables/chairs/sofas plus decorations on bookshelves/windowsills/doorways etc., to really show off the contrast between these two colours together! For a luxurious and chic Christmas look, go for the timeless combination of table lamp online and fairy lights. Both of these, combined with a touch of purple and white, will give your home a modern festive feel.

No matter which colour theme you choose this Christmas season, you can be sure it will be festive yet stylish at the same time! From classic red and green combos to modern navy blues paired with gold; there are plenty of options available when it comes to sprucing up your home during this merry time of year - so have fun experimenting until you find just what works best for you (and maybe even mix-and-match different ones together)! Home decorative items like a floor lamp for living room, paintings for living room, wall plates decor and table lamp online can exemplify the look you’re going for, while also making your space much more eye-catching and inviting! Start shopping now to get everything ready in time for the festivities! Happy decorating everyone!

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