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How to spice up the design of a plain room?

When you enter your room after a long tiring day at the office, if the setting and the décor of the room enliven your mood and set the tone for the day, then you have surely done your job correctly. If you feel that your place is boring and dull, you can always add some freshness and spice to make it look stunning.

So, if you want to transform your living space by upscaling the style quotient of your room, here are the aesthetic room ideas for you.

Tips to spice up the design of the plain room

Bohemian or minimalistic? What is your style? Former is for the people who want to mix and match by popping in the brightest color choices and home decor products while the latter is for the people who believe less is more and make the more modest choice of simplicity. Even the light colors and mild selection of the home accents can transform the entire look of the room to the aesthetic room.

When you look around your room and find no spectacular house decoration thing and feel something is missing, you can try the tips mentioned below.


Consider yourself lucky to have born in the era that has invented something as classy and as gorgeous as the wallpaper. If you want to beautify your wall, wallpaper is the most robust solution. You will find a wide variety in the options of the wallpaper designs. Wall Paintings Online India comes in many colors and patterns. You can also choose the finishes such as vinyl, fabric, foil printed, embossed, suede, etc. Some homemakers use their preferred wallpapers on all the walls of the room while some create a feature wall by picking only a specific wall. From simple to bright, plain to metallic, calm to vigorous, you will surely find something to match your interest. Some of the most adored patterns include botanical, metallic, floral, geometric, canvas art prints, etc.

Recycled items

Other than the option to buy home decor online, you can create something exotic and exciting too. It is not always necessary to spend a considerable part of your savings on buying accents from a big home store. Use your creativity to make something pretty and attractive, like paintings for the living room. Transform your stored bottles and mugs into beautiful decorative vases and brush holders, respectively.

Add personal touch

Even when you have the best home décor items and the right color scheme, there is one thing always missing that must be added to the room - personality. If the décor can talk volumes of your style, then your job is done. If you love or pursue art, why not leave stretches of hand artwork hanging in the room? If you have a knack in designing decorative items for bedrooms like quilts and rugs, why not add a portion of it as a wall décor? If you feel devoid of any such excellence, working on the family tree bringing out the best pictures of the family members can also do the trick.


A classy wall mirror does not only add a lot of aesthetic value but also creates an illusion of more space. It is a statement art piece that can be put right at the entrance to leave the people awe-struck as soon as they enter your house. Check home accessories in the home decor items online.

Rugs and Carpets

Always try to use rugs and carpets in the room to make your bedroom look luxurious rather than the utilitarian. It can change the feel of the room and adds a different texture. There are so many shapes, sizes, and patterns of the rugs available in the market, and you can always pick the one that matches the rest of the décor of the room. If you are still thinking, play safe with geometric or a layered rug. The home decor online shopping might fetch you some new carpets.

Paint the wall right

Painting the wall right can make all the difference. Though it is suggested to paint the wall in light shades to virtually make your room appear bigger, you can paint one of the walls in a bold color. You can use stencils on that wall to create an exciting design or border. Another tip for you is to paint your ceiling a shade lighter to make your room look larger.

Work on lighting

Another most crucial aspect of sprucing the interiors, you must steer clear of standard and generic lighting. Go for eclectic LED, ceiling small lights, exotic chandelier, gold sconces, and floor-length lamps for a more flattering and mid-century dramatic touch. It is one of the most modest and minimalist ways to spice up the room.

Add flowers

Adding blossoms and plants – fake or real can instantly turn your room to a dreamy retreat. It makes your bedroom full of positive vibes, so have plenty of them. Use decorative mason jars for a fresh bunch of flowers vase. Place them on your side table or a shelf. You can also put dry tree branches leaning against a wall with sparkling lights. Explore home decor online India. 

Go with a vintage style

Vintage design styles look elegant and undeniably stylish. You can mix and match the vintage home accessories. Use your old brass bedframe and ruffled curtains. Visit flea markets to find custom-made nightstands, rustic sconces, hook with a chain to hang votive candle stands, etc.

Metal wall art

A spacious and neat bedroom is the dream of many. But beautifying it with accents that can scale up the presentation is the key. Adding metal wall art and metal embellishments will make it look like heaven. An oversized metal sculpture or a large metal mirror can make your home look enticing.

Luxurious Curtains

A room is always incomplete without a suitable curtain. It is an entirely personal choice because some people like to use light and breezy curtains in soft shades while some use heavy fabric bright design curtains.

Accentuating the décor of the room by infusing your creativity is the best thing to do. Please don’t take the stress of adding too much of it, only a couple of meticulous accents are enough additions to make it right. With the tips and tricks mentioned above, begin creating a prettier and happier space.

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