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How to pick a perfect piece of decorative Candle Stand?

Using the candles to decorate your living room is probably the most elegant way of making your interior look serene and feel positive. Who doesn’t love the candles? In ancient times, the people used candles extensively; the purpose has evolved though! It is now not for illuminating the house, but the aroma candles are an essential component of the home décor. The candle is the best approach to accentuate the look of your home as it adds a majestic touch and makes the ambience soothing. 

The most crucial element in decorating your home with candles is the candle stand. Candle holders are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and materials. You need to select one wisely, to heighten the aesthetics of your room largely. Here, we tell you how to pick a perfect piece of the decorative candle stand.

Picking a perfect piece of the decorative candle stand

A decorative candle stand that is either simple or designer, antique or contemporary, and can gel with the overall colour theme and décor of your home is a perfect buy for you.

Go for a tall candle stand

Candle stands that are taller in size continue to top the list of the decorative candle stand that people adore. It has been in fashion for decades and is still going strong. Tall candle stands can hardly go wrong. But don’t overdo it, need to be mindful to buy an optimum size of your long candle stand, so that it does not overpower everything around or look out of the place. 

Tall candle stands not only add a dramatic touch to your home but also gives height to your home décor. You can buy scented candles online and ornament your candle stand with it.

Must hold the candle well

Décor or look of the candle holder is not the only thing to focus on, the other more important thing that must be taken care of while buying a perfect decorative candle stand is that it should be able to hold the candle well. If it does not, not only your intention of the decoration will go for a toss, it can create an accident too. Hence, you must check the candle stand well, whether it is deep enough to accommodate your candle comfortably.

Crystal candle stands

You can safely select one or two crystal candle stands online in India. They look incredibly graceful and generally match with all types of home set-up and décor. What more? It adds glamour to your space and is attractive enough to invite all the eyeballs on to it.

Candle stand colour

When you buy a candle stand, one of the most important things to consider is its colour. You must try to coordinate the colour of your decorative candle stand with the colour of the existing home décor items and the theme of the décor in your house. It will help if you bear the colour of the paint done on the walls of the home in the mind while selecting your candle stand.

Silver and golden colour candle stand suit well for the homes that have an ancient and traditional theme décor. The vintage mosaic decorative votive candle holders are the best buy for you in this case. If you have done a modish set-up of your home, then the colours like white and tan work well. Some people who have decorated their house in bright colours like blue and yellow can pick up the candle stand in any funky colour. Also, if you have kept the interiors of your room simple, then look for a bright and colourful trendy candle stand.

Floor-length candle stands

Don’t hesitate to go for floor-length candle stands, because they are trending nowadays and give a whole new look to the room. You can also consider buying two round and caged metallic candle holders in different lengths, one smaller than the other, and keep it in front and behind diagonal to each other mode. While you check out scented candles online, do look for these floor-length candle stands to make your room look classy and appealing. 

But if you have children at home, avoid using floor-length candle stands.

Candle lanterns

Who says you can only buy candle stands? A couple of lovely candle lanterns can make your home look beautiful uniquely and softly. It will illuminate the entire room and bring warmth. Try hanging a few lights together at one of the corners of your living room, and let the soothing and soft glowing effect engulf you in its world. This dazzling look will surely take your heart away. Buy some aroma candles to place them in the candle lanterns and fill your room with an impressive and striking fragrance.

Candle Trio stands

Trio candles in a pretty candle trio holder in a glass material look sophisticated. If you only want to scarcely use the candles in your room to upscale the décor of your living room, placing aroma candles in the candle trio holders can create a perfect look. To make it more attractive, you can adorn the same with some fresh flowers or twigs on its base.

Hurricane Candle Holders

There are both designer and decorative hurricane candle holders available that can add a dramatic look to your living room. Buy it in a large size and place big candles in them. Hurricane candle holders will make your living room very bright because hurricane candle holders create a lot of shine and gleam. 

You can use either a simple hurricane or a designer hurricane in a contemporary shape, your choice. But it indeed ensures to make itself a centrepiece of your home decor. It also does wonders if you plan a romantic setting at your dining table with your special someone. 

The stylish candle stands are perfect for your regular home décor items or when you have a warm get-together at home. Apply one or two tips from here to leave your guests awestruck and amazed.

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