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Here are 7 Best Painting Ideas For Your Urban Home

Wall decor paintings are one of the most popular types of painting that can be used to adorn any home in an urban area. From traditional floral designs, abstract or modern art designs, there are endless possibilities to choose from. Painting online gives you access to a wide variety of artwork that is perfect for wall decor in any urban home. Oil paintings also capture the beauty of nature and can be used as a focal point in any room of the house. So if you are looking for an artistic way to liven up your walls, paintings are a great way to go.

What is Urban Home Decor?

Urban Home Decor is a style of decorating that combines contemporary and traditional design elements. It incorporates bold patterns, vibrant colours, and unique furniture pieces to create a modern and inviting space. Urban Home Decor also often includes upcycled items for room decoration or repurposed items, such as vintage furniture and accessories, in order to add texture and character to a room. Some of the key characteristics of an urban home include:

  • Natural elements such as wood, stone, or plants
  • Industrial style furniture and items for room decoration
  • Unique accent pieces and wall hangings
  • Open floor plans and minimalism
  • Colourful accents and interesting textures.

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home and make it more inviting, try adding some artwork. Paintings are a classic way to add character and personality to any room, while also being affordable and easy to find. Here are five ways you can decorate your home with trendy wall decor paintings.

  1. Go Big or Go Home - One of the easiest ways to make an impactful statement in your home is by picking out a large painting that commands attention. Whether it’s abstract art or a classic portrait, it will be sure to draw the eye and brighten up any space. Plus, since you're going big, it doesn't need to be perfect! You can even repurpose old frames for a rustic look.
  2. Mix and Match - If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try mixing different types of artwork? You could hang a traditional landscape painting next to an abstract piece of art, or pair vintage prints with modern artwork. This style gives off an eclectic vibe that’s sure to liven up even the dullest of rooms!
  3. Feature Your Fave - Do you have any favourite wall decor paintings or photographs that inspire you? Try displaying them prominently in your home! Not only will they bring joy every time you see them, but they’ll also give visitors something interesting and unique to talk about when they come over.
  4. Themes Are A-OKAY - If you want something cohesive throughout your home, consider having a theme running through all of your artwork selections. It could be something as simple as “black and white photography” or “botanical prints” — whatever speaks most to your style! Having this design element will tie together all of the rooms in your house so that everything looks intentional and well put together (even if it really isn't).
  5. Get Creative - Lastly, don't feel limited by what's available on the market—get creative! You can always create custom pieces by drawing or painting yourself (or enlisting someone else who has artistic talent) for truly one-of-a-kind artwork that adds another layer of personality into the mix.

 7 Best Painting Ideas For Your Urban Home

Paintings online can enliven any home, especially in an urban area. They are an easy and affordable way to add colour, texture, and visual interest without needing much work. Here are seven of the best painting ideas for your urban home:

1. Embrace Bold Colors

Use vivid colours to draw attention to the painting and add an element of visual intrigue. In 2023, Pantone’s Color of the Year is Viva Magenta, a bright and vibrant hue that could bring an energetic pop to any room. Incorporate this colour into your painting to make it the focal point of the room. While using bold colours in your decor, it is important to use neutral tones to temper and balance the overall look.

Pro tip: Avoid hanging too many bright paintings online together as this can create a chaotic and overwhelming atmosphere.

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2. Invest in Abstract Art

Paintings abstract is a great way to add interest, texture, and movement to your space by blending shapes, colours, and lines in an arrangement that creates a unique piece. It can also be used to express emotion or ideas in a creative yet meaningful way. If you want something a little more out of the ordinary, abstract oil paintings is sure to amp up any room's style factor. The best way to do this is to look for pieces that draw the eye towards unusual patterns and textures. Paintings abstract work well with contemporary decor, so it’s a great way to fill the walls of an urban-style home. The Abstract Modern Art 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting is a delightful example of how to incorporate abstract art into your home. If you prefer something a bit more subtle, check out The River of Life 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting which features a beautiful mix of blues and yellows.

Abstract Modern Art 100% Hand Painted Wall PaintingThe River of Life 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting

Pro tip: Choose oil paintings that have personal meaning to you, and be sure to hang it at the right height.

3. Consider Landscape Artwork

Capture nature’s beauty with traditional landscapes or floral prints that can be used as wall decor or accent pieces throughout your home. One of the ideal ways to do this is with the Cosmos Floral Charm nature painting art which features a beautiful arrangement of white blooms. Another excellent choice is the Natural Reflections 100% nature painting art which will add an element of serenity to any room. Paintings inspired by nature bring a sense of peace and tranquillity to any room.

Cosmos Floral Charm Hand painted Wall PaintingNatural Reflections 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting

Pro tip: Vary the size of the nature painting art you choose for your wall to create an interesting and eye-catching display.

4. Go Contemporary

Showcase contemporary artwork that will show off your modern tastes while also making a statement in any room it hangs in! The hallmark of contemporary art is its simplicity and minimalism, so look for pieces that feature clean lines and neutral colours. The Vail Modern Art Hand painted Wall Painting with its muted shades is the perfect example of this style.

Vail Modern Art Hand painted Wall Painting

Pro tip: Hang multiple pieces in the same colour palette for a cohesive look.

5. Go Monochromatic

If you’re looking for something a little more subtle, try out monochrome canvas wall art paintings. Monochromatic canvas wall art relies on shades of the same colour (usually black and white) to create a visually striking effect. The key features to look out for are contrast, texture, and composition and the best way to achieve this is by investing in pieces that feature intricate details.

Pro tip: Pick pieces that will match the colour palette of your room. It is equally important to choose the right size of painting - too small and it can look lost on the wall, while too large might overpower the room.

6. Invest In Geometric Art

Geometric colourful paintings for living room are perfect for modern decor. The beauty of this style lies in its ability to bring an element of structure and balance to any room. Whether you’re looking for something modern or abstract, geometric art is a great way to add a touch of symmetry to any space. Check out the Rainbow in abstraction colourful paintings for living room for an example of how this style can be used to create a captivating piece of art.

Rainbow in abstraction 100% Handpainted Wall Painting

Pro tip: Hang colourful paintings for living room that incorporate multiple shapes and sizes for a dynamic effect.

7. Use Minimalism

Finally, if you’re looking for something more subtle and understated, minimalism is the way to go. This style features simple and elegant designs that focus on the beauty of negative space. Look for pieces with a limited colour palette, as well as an absence of detail to get the best minimalist effect. The Grand Canyon Pink and Gold Foil Abstract 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting is a great example of this style. Minimalist canvas paintings can be paired with other minimalist pieces to create a cohesive and stylish look.

The Grand Canyon Pink and Gold Foil Abstract 100% Hand Painted Wall Painting

Pro tip: Choose frames for your canvas paintings that are the same colour or similar material for a more uniform aesthetic.

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When it comes to decorating your urban home, don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of painting. With these seven ideas, you’re sure to find the perfect piece that will bring life and colour into your home. Decorating your home with trendy canvas paintings is a great way to add personality and charm without spending too much money or time on renovations. From going big with one statement piece, mixing different styles together, featuring favourites, having a common theme throughout the whole house, or getting creative with custom pieces — there's no wrong way when it comes to decorating with art! So grab some paintbrushes (or just go shopping!) and let's get started!

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