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Do you think your home needs something more? Try mirrors

Do you think your home needs something more? Try mirrors

There has been an immense innovation in the product portfolio of the homeinteriors recently. Today, we have thousands of home décoration items in the market and online such as paintings, metal sculptors, wall hangings, wall art inscriptions, mirrors, wallpaper, etc. Out of all, the decorative wall mirror is gradually becoming the favorite of many, owing to its numerous benefits. 

Why should you use decorative mirrors?

Mirrors are a great addition to home decor items. They reflect light and make the space look bright and big. The decorative wall mirrors not only open up the space of the room but largely enhance the look of the room too. It has also been observed by the people who have had an experience of adorning their home with many mirrors, that the mirror brings along good and positive vibes to their home.

Tips for decorating your home with mirrors

The mirrors are truly an interesting decorative and they often tend to become the most attention-grabbing centerpiece of your home. You can do many creative things in your home using the mirrors. Some people wish to keep it simple while some use innovative varieties of mirrors for the ornamentation of their home. A beautiful mirror surely spruces up the look of the wall in a much better way as compared to a plain mirror. 

Here are some tips to augment the look and feel of your home using the wall mirror online.

Select an abstract frame

Who says you only have the options of round, rectangular, square, and curly mirrors to choose from? If you explore Wall Mirrors India, you will get to see many vibrant and edgy frames to amaze you. If you are hesitant considering whether it will suit your wall or not, you don't have to worry at all because they work well in all kinds of settings. You can confidently move ahead without getting afraid of using something so bold. For example, you can buy a mirror that flaunts a golden geometric frame. It is highly trending these days and will surely impress your guests. Be ready to enjoy a lot of praises and appreciations, for your fine sense of shopping. 

Decorative wall mirrors can be modern, traditional, and classic. Frames are quite important to consider as it has an important effect on how your wall ends up looking like. 

Go for a big mirror

Don't be scared of using a large mirror. Mirrors bring depth and space to the room, and hence highly suited for small room. A full-length decorative mirror can be bought from a wall mirror online which you can carefully lean against the wall. An ornate gilt mirror will not only make the tiny room look bigger but will also be a unique and classy decorative element. You can also use big mirrors for your living room.

The texture of the mirror

There are also many types of mirror itself. Some have a smoky glass while some have inbuilt patterns. There are also antique mirrors with slight imperfections to give a more natural look. You can select any of them as per your preference and setting of the house. You can buy one from the mirror online India.  


Use many mirrors

One decorative wall mirror isn't enough. The many, the better. You can also design a wall where you put a big mirror as a centerpiece and hang different paintings circling around the mirror, just like a photo wall. It will prove to be the best use of the wall space and also augment the wall aesthetics majestically. This kind of mirrored wall also works well for an office setup, provided the choice of the mirror is elegant and the wall art is classy. 

Hanging mirrors

The decorative wall mirrors that have a pendant look are much in demand and fashion. They upscale the visual aesthetics of the room considerably. Hanging pendant mirrors are certainly a unique statement. There are many hanging mirrors available in wall mirror online to select from.


A decorative mirror directly over a cabinet or chest

How about a golden palatial mirror directly over a chest? This stunning sight is a common décor method for many celebrities and fashion stylists. You can also topyour cabinet with white ceramics jars and vases to take the visuals to another level. 

Do's and don'ts of decorating with the mirror

Along with the structure, type, size, and shape of the decorative wall mirrors, hanging the mirrors in a right way at a right place is also essential. The positioning of the mirror must be kept in the mind while decorating your home so that it turns out to be classy and stylish. Here are a few do's and don'ts for you.


  • Before putting the mirror on to a wall, do consider what is getting viewed across from it. It is advisable to hang the mirror, opposite to an elegant decorative such as an antique sculptor, painting, or artistic furniture, instead of hanging opposite to something which is not very attractive. You can also consider hanging a mirror at the entrance or opposite a window. It will add grace, width, and light too.
  • If you plan to put a mirror in the room, do ensure that the room is not cluttered. The cluttered room looks even busier if you have a mirror in it. 


  • Do not hammer the wall to hang your decorative wall mirror. Use wall hooks to hang a mirror immaculately. This will prevent the risk of fall, and distorted reflection. Especially if the mirror is heavy, call for a professional to hang the same.
  • Do not stuff decorative wall mirrors in the kitchen and bedroom. They are not necessary for the kitchen. Also, as per fang shun, it is not good to have mirrors in the bedroom. 
  • Mirrors on the ceiling are also not a good idea too, because it gives a cheap look.

This is how you can incorporate mirrors in your home. They are great glam addition to the space, when paired with other embellished elements. So, open up your browser and start shopping some fine art pieces of decorative mirrors.

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