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Diwali Decoration Ideas for a Beautiful Home

Diwali Decoration Ideas for a Beautiful Home

 In this season of lights, and with the victory of good over evil, Dekor Company has launched a new set of lamps and to help you cover those dark spaces in your house with tremendous light. Diwali being a festival of colors too, Dekor Company allows you to not only decorate your house with lamps but also with Vases that can make the area elegant and aesthetic. Save a whole lot of money with our beautiful DIY Decor ideas for your Diwali home decoration. DIY means ‘Do It Yourself’. Get back your arts and craft material from your school time and get ready to bring back your memories of making lanterns out of thread and papers and paper Diya's and lots more. If you don’t have the materials to make one, they are easily available in the nearest stationary stores. You can also innovate a new design or pattern for your home decoration. Place them wherever you like and make memories this Diwali. So get your creative hats on and get ready to get messy with some Diwali Decoration crafting.

Paper Lampshades

This Diwali decorate your house with eco-friendly paper lampshades. Paper lampshades are made up of paper and are very designer and come in various shapes and sizes that will fit as per your need. It can be placed on walls, on curtains, in the balcony, on the window or wherever you may want it to be. There are a ton available on the internet for you to buy and they are cheap as well. Although you can also make one at home, which will be even better as it will be economical and satisfy you as you’ve made it. Make one for yourself in these 6 steps:-

Step 1: Tape 2 pieces of pretty paper together on one side. The best paper to make paper lampshades is mulberry paper since it has a neutral pH, it makes a wonderful art paper for a long-lasting project.

Step 2: Tape the other side of the pieces of paper together to form a cylinder.

Step 3: Place the cylinder on top of the clear contact paper, and draw a circle onto the contact paper that is about an inch wider than the base of the cylinder.

Step 4: Cut out the circle and remove the backing.

Step 5: Place the circle of contact paper on top of the cylinder, and gently fold down the pieces of contact paper all the way around.

Step 6: Enjoy your beautiful homemade lampshade!

Use these above steps and stand out amongst your neighbors with the Diwali decoration.

Thread Lanterns

A Thread lampshade is a super easy and pretty lampshade to make. These types of lanterns are super easy and economically easy to make. The light pierces through the small gaps of the lantern and is not too bright or low of light but just perfect to suit your living room or any room you place it in. To make this, all you need is glue- like Fevicol, a bowl, balloons, cotton yarn and water. Here’s how you can one make on your own:-

Step 1: Make some glue with a little water in a bowl.

Step 2: Put the whole of yarn in it and keep it aside for some minutes.

Step 3: Take a blown-up balloon and start winding the yarn all around it tightly and randomly till you get the desired pattern.

Step 4: Let the glue dry for some hours. When it all dries off, burst the balloon and pull it out of the lantern.

Step 5: Insert the string lights in it and hang it up anywhere you wish.

Thread lanterns look really beautiful and with the light bulb of your choice, the output from the lantern looks even better than a normal light.

Fairy Lights

You must have seen these kinds of lights hanging on walls or in a seen through jar or even during Diwali time hanging out on windows. These lights are amazing for anyone who likes colourful LED fairy-like lights that flicker in sync and create a pattern. This coming Diwali not only hang them outside on your window but also inside your house to make your house’s interior look great with just minimal effort. Use these lights in Pooja rooms, or hang them on walls or around paintings, or even in a glass vase for a glowing effect. Trend nowadays with these kinds of lights is to use it inside or around a vase which allows the light and art to stand out even more. Use this idea above for the upcoming diwali and enjoy the exquisite look and feel the light’s aura.

Wineglass Lamps

Lamps come in all shapes and sizes and people are getting more creative than ever before, they are using Wine glasses to not only use them as a decoration at home but also turning them into lamps for a very outstanding aesthetic which gets a lot of eyeballs. These lights can be used to decorate dining tables, side tables, a corner in the room or even be used as bathroom lighting for those long satisfying showers after a tiring day. People use them during serving snacks to guests as well which looks very appealing and tells a lot about your taste in the art or presentation. 

Here are some steps for you to try this at home:-

Step 1: Fill three-fourth of the glasses with water and put in some beautiful flowers so that they float submerged in the water.

Step 2: Now place the tea light on top so it is floating above the water.

Step 3: Light them up to create an ambience in the room.

Extra tip: You can also put in crystals or white pebbles inside the glass to make it look more interesting.

Fruit Candles

Candles come in all shapes and sizes, especially the fruit shapes with their colour, sometimes also with scent too. Using normal candles which are just like a stick are boring and are not in trend anymore, although what is in trend, are the candles that come in engraved shapes and fruit ones, obviously. Place them anywhere like the dining table, side tables, serving trays and many other places where you think the fruit would blend in. This Diwali, use these candles and chuck out those old, boring, average candles which are available in every household and do something different. These candles, not only amp up the looks of the house but also promote a fruity and positive vibe.

Wall Hangers

With the growth of the Internet, Origami; the Japanese art of folding paper and forming decorative shapes and figures; is on the rise. It ranges from making easy shapes to complicated animals too. There are a lot of tutorials online for you to learn and try it on your own. People usually make birds and hang them around their house with unused bangles like wall hangers, and trust us on this, it looks beautiful!

Here is a step by step process for you to try:-

Step 1: Glue the bangles together to create a circular shape.

Step 2: Tie it all up with colorful satin ribbons and put them up on walls, ceilings or doorways to perk up the rooms.

One can also use ribbons and tie them up around the house with the art. Ribbons also come in various sizes and colors. You can create a contrast of the art paper used and ribbon/s. They look really fantastic with paper Diya's when you glue it together and hang them around somewhere in your room or doorway.

Paper Diya

Decorate your house or outdoors with the paper Diya's which are super fun and easy to make. Your kids can help you make some with colorful paper and plastic sheets. Paper Diya's are the newest way of Diwali Decoration, one doesn’t need to do the hassle of going to the market and buying traditional Diya's and oil them and put in the cotton and light them up to get the full essence of it. Making a paper Diya's is super easy, just follow the steps below:-

Step 1: Cut a 2-inch strip from an A4 sheet of paper. Cut them along the shorter edge of the paper.

Step 2: Cut out a 3-inch strip from our paper tape and stick half of the tape on one side. Carefully bring the other end together and stick the two ends together as shown. Fold the excess tape at the back to hide it.

Step 3: Cut out a flame shape piece from an orange corrugated paper.

Step 4: Stick them all together in the shape of a Diya's

Extra Tip: You can also use glossy plastic paper to make the paper Diya's stand out and reflect light.

Pathway Decor

Need that small lobby outside your house to be not dull anymore? Pathway decorations are the best for uplifting the outside of your house with an amazing set of floor drawing patterns, also called Rangolis. Usually made out of colorful sands or colors or even painted. Arrange them with flowers to give it an authentic look and make the ultimate Rangoli with a 3D touch to it. During festive seasons or not, you can arrange these Rangolis in the shape of a god, like Ganpati or even write down a name with it of a god or even a word like Welcome.

Colorful Candles

Add a little color to your house with colorful candles. They come in all shapes and sizes and color, of course. Candles can lighten up the mood and with an added scent to it, your mood is definitely going to be lightened by it. Sometimes candle light gives your house an authentic touch which a light might not be able to provide you with. Spruce up those corners with candles and make them look “Lit!”. With designer candles or all kinds, especially the engraved ones, with a word or a small phrase which once lit up create a virtual bliss. This upcoming Diwali, decorative items like colorful candles are a trend that you do not want to miss, so forget all those cheap lights and go for an authentic Diwali!


Flowers are an excellent way to express love and also to spread positivity and a good aroma in the area they are placed in. Their presence can uplift anybody’s mood and ease up any tension in the mind. We don’t need an occasion to come by for us to get some flowers and hang them up in our house or outside above our door. The marigold flower being the most famous for all the poojas and functions at home are one of the most sacred flowers in India. Other flowers like the orchids, lily, carnation, roses, and some more are also a hit in the Indian households. Especially when they are used in garlands. These flowers can also be used for decoration during Diwali. They can bring life to any wall. The vivid colors and the amazing smell both add a fantastic touch to your interior. They don’t only help you fill up the empty walls but also fill up other empty spaces like the center of the dining table or side tables or serving plates. In short, flowers aren’t going to disappoint you in any way.

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