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Discover the Latest Canvas Paintings from the House of Dekor Company in 2022

Art and paintings are beautiful house decorative items that add an aesthetic touch to your home. It adds a touch of class and also spruces the interior decor. Canvas paintings have been an epitome of expression without words that can turn your home into a beautiful landscape. From beachy places to the dark universe, animal canvas and a lot more, there are endless options when it comes to canvas paintings. Such paintings evoke feelings and fuel imagination, adding character and warmth to your cosy place. So, are you someone looking for the latest canvas painting designs? Here we list down a few categories that can help you draw attention to these beauties that speak in silence:

Butterfly canvas paintings

There are multiple reasons why butterfly canvas paintings should be introduced as house decorative items in your home. Butterfly canvases have their own distinct category as they are dynamic, colourful and fluttering creatures that spread out feelings of happiness and tranquillity. Check out our Reno neon 3 D Butterfly Framed Canvas Print that displays striking colours to emphasize the decor of the room. This magnificent painting brings life and positivity, filling up warm vibes that triggers joy and happiness. The vibrant colours used in the picture can cleverly change the equation of the walls and add some extra flash and vibrancy.

The high-definition Wings of Fire Framed Canvas Print- Set of 3 wall painting online India is a perfect choice for the bedroom. It adds brilliance and boldness to your room with its intricate design. This set of 3 butterfly art has a vivid colour palette and is alluring enough to captivate visitors with its rich golden and blue colours. The Butterfly Habitat Framed Canvas Print is another wall art that can bring contemporary vibes in an uncompromising style with its exceptional blue detailing. Buy this painting and get set for an eye-catchy flair in your living rooms.

Reno neon 3 D Butterfly Framed Canvas PrintWings of Fire Framed Canvas Print- Set of 3

Abstract canvas paintings

Abstract canvas paintings have their own visual language that ensues joy and beauty to decorate urban spaces. Bring home our Freedom Personified Abstract Framed Canvas Painting Art to get something of museum-quality art displayed in your living room. The harmony between the blue and golden colours in this painting fading into a black background gives your room a classy and polished look.

You can also induce the aquamarine vibes by buying the Aqua Contemporary Abstract Framed Canvas Print that looks absolutely astounding with a sophisticated and aesthetic component. The Ethereal Blues Abstract Framed Canvas Print Set of 3 is another canvas that can make your living room gallery worthy with expressive paint colours that splatter over the canvas to bring cosiness and warmth inside.

Aqua Contemporary Abstract Framed Canvas PrintEthereal Blues Abstract Framed Canvas Print Set of 3

Animal-inspired canvas paintings

Animal canvas paintings make a strong statement and can transform your living rooms into a joyful paradise filled with wildlife and liveliness. The Royal Majesty Framed Canvas Print is our bestseller and can capture the centre stage of your room to chant mightiness and power. The colour palette in this painting will astound your guests and create a welcoming backdrop to make heads turn toward this beautiful art. Elephant wall decor also brings protection and good luck and thus can be artfully included in your living space to captivate the visitors.

You can also bring the Splendid Stallion Framed Canvas Print Set of 3 wall paintings online India to harness positive energy. Horses are believed to bring wealth, honesty and courage. Investing in such a timeless painting can incredibly bring uniqueness to your gallery walls and be a central place for starting a conversation.

Royal Majesty Framed Canvas PrintSplendid Stallion Framed Canvas Print Set of 3

Geometrical canvas paintings

Geometric canvas paintings have something beautiful about it as they can visually stimulate a place and can never go out of fashion. It creates an illusion and is a mystical art that gives the freedom of making interpretations and expressiveness. You can buy our Slice of life Geometric Framed Canvas Prints set of 3 wall paintings online India as it puts bold and dramatic colours on display and creates a soothing look.

The Simply Soulful Geometric Framed Canvas Print Set of 3 is also one of the best artistic canons that can craft playful and whimsical beauty for your love for interior décor. It gives a regal feel, and the energetic geometrical patterns take you to a whole magical world.

Slice of life Geometric Framed Canvas Prints set of 3Simply Soulful Geometric Framed Canvas Print Set of 3

Floral ladies canvas painting

If you wish to adorn your home with an aesthetic touch and glamour, then you should definitely introduce a floral woman canvas painting in your living rooms. It adds a unique flair featuring women at their best in soothing colours that speaks elegance. The Floral Ladies Framed Canvas Print - Multicolour is a stunning abstract expression that can make your eyes relax and bring the inspiration of power. The painting puts together the testimony of an artist’s soul in colourful hues that infuses fuses romance and passion in your living room. 

The Floral Dreams Framed Canvas Print Set of 3 is another asset that promotes woman power and expresses the inner self. This painting immerses the beauty of women and flowers in a single frame and endures admiration and positive energy to feel happy whenever you take a glance at this painting.

The Floral Ladies Framed Canvas Print - MulticolourFloral Dreams Framed Canvas Print Set of 3

Canvas paintings are a beautiful way to add art and colour to your home. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your space. Canvas paintings can transform a room and make it feel more inviting. If you're looking for a way to add some personality to your home, canvas paintings are always a great option.

Our recommendations are a few ways in which you can decorate your stunning home with art. So, what are you waiting for? Bring these adorable house decorative items home and beautify your walls with grace and artistry.

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