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Accent Tables: Small Pieces, Big Impact - Explore Dekor Company's Collection of Stylish Accents

Step up your home décor game with Dekor Company's collection of stylish accent tables. From sophisticated centre table designs for your living room to sleek console tables, find the perfect side table to transform your living space. It is not just furniture – for it is a pivotal item for room decoration. Big impacts can come from small pieces.

Versatile Beauties: The Many Roles Of Accent Tables

Accent tables, ranging from centre table designs for the living room to side tables, console tables and more, play multiple roles in enhancing home décor. These versatile beauties are essential items for room decoration, infusing functionality with style and creating an aesthetically pleasing environment in your home.

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Explore their varied applications below.

1. Functional Sidekicks In the Living Room: Smart Solutions For Your Space

  • Placing a sleek and small accent table in front of your couch not only adds a style element to your living room but also provides enough space for you to place your cup of coffee, books, and more.
  • A centre table for living room can be used to showcase your collectibles or personal treasures. A narrow, glass-topped centre table design, for example, can be placed against a wall in your living room. Use it to display a selection of your favourite figurines, artwork, or mementoes.
  • You can use the side table for living room such as the Obsidian Elegance Accent Side Table as a utility table near your entryway. Alternatively, a small wooden accent table can hold your mail, keys, and even shoes.

Obsidian Elegance Accent Side Table

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2. Stylish Bedside Companions: Illuminating Your Sleep Sanctuary

  • Keep your bedside essentials such as reading glasses, a good book, or an alarm clock only. For example, use a small white table for a minimal and sleek look, top it with a stylish alarm clock and a sleek modern table lamp for an uncluttered and serene aesthetic.
  • Instead of limiting the centre table for living room to just a few decorative items, use it for extra storage too. For example, select a bedside accent table with a drawer or shelf below. This not only provides you a place for those night-time necessities but also provides an excellent place to stash extra pillows or blankets.
  • For a romantic, airy bedroom, try a light, round accent table such as Vesta Nesting Side Tables. For a more masculine, dark room, a chunky, wooden, square table would work well as items for room decoration.

Vesta Nesting Side Tables

3. Entryway Elegance: Lighting The Path To Welcoming Ambience

  • Adding a mirror above your accent table can provide the illusion of a bigger space and allow natural light to reflect, brightening the entrance. For instance, you could position a large ornamental mirror above your vintage accent table.
  • A carefully selected vase with fresh flowers, a photo frame, or a beautiful sculpture can instantly create visual interest. For example, you could decorate your wooden centre table design with a family portrait in a stylish frame, a ceramic vase filled with roses, or a statuette.
  • A small tray or bowl on your entrance table can act as a place to keep keys, coins, and other small items. This is both functional and can be visually appealing. For example, a vintage ceramic bowl on your entrance in a table like Zenith Haven Console Table for Living Room adds charm while serving as a useful storage spot.

Zenith Haven Console Table for Living Room

4. Focal Points In The Hallway: Guiding Light With A Touch Of Drama

Mystique Mirage Side Table For Living Room

  • A round side table for living room can break the monotony of straight lines in a hallway. They also allow easier movement around them which is perfect for tight hallway spaces.
  • Choose a table with a unique centre table design that draws the eye, then place a vase with fresh flowers, a framed photograph or any decorative element that personalizes your space.

5. Outdoor Oasis: Lighting Up Your Alfresco Retreat

  • Using a teakwood accent table, place a bronze tabletop lantern on it. The glow from the lantern can add to the aesthetic and provide a warm and inviting light for evening gatherings.
  • An accent table that has a natural texture or colour can help it to blend seamlessly into your garden. For instance, an accent table with a stone tabletop, placed amongst potted plants, can give an impression of a naturally occurring rocky outcrop.
  • Metal accent tables with an enamel finish, stone, or synthetic materials like resin, are a good choice for waterproof or weather-resistant tables. They can save you from the stress of frequent replacements as they can resist damage from rain and the harsh outdoor elements.

Accent Table Trends: Inspiring Chic And Versatile Styles For Your Home

Explore the latest trends in accent tables that offer both function and fashion. Discover how these chic and versatile pieces can transform your space, adding character, charm, and a personal touch to every corner of your home.

1.Bold Colours: Accent Tables That Pop

Accent tables with bold colours are a current trend that injects energy into any room decor. These tables break the monotony of neutral shades, becoming an immediate focal point. Use them to accentuate a colour scheme or to provide a stark contrast in minimalist designs. Balance is crucial, so use them sparingly to prevent overwhelming the space.

2. Natural And Organic Designs: A Touch Of Nature Indoors

Natural and organic design tables are often made from reclaimed wood, rattan, or other sustainable materials. They provide a touch of nature indoors. You can utilize them to showcase your favourite plants, display family photos, or to serve as a stylish yet functional piece of furniture. By blending these with other decor elements, you create an aesthetic balance and refreshing ambience.

3. Open And Airy Designs: Minimalism Meets Functionality

The open and airy design trend for accent tables combines minimalism with functionality. Featuring clean lines and often multi-purpose, these pieces prioritize uncluttered, open space. Use tables like The Mystique Tube Double Decker Accent Side Table (Stainless Steel) to maintain visual balance in small rooms or in a minimalist decor scheme. Consider materials like glass or light wood to enhance the open feel.

The Mystique Tube Double Decker Accent Side Table

4. Smart Tables: The Fusion Of Technology And Style

Smart tables blend technology and style seamlessly, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a space. Integrated with digital features like touchscreens, charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, and LED lights, they offer convenience without compromising on design. To use, simply connect your devices for an effortless, multi-functional experience.

5. Nesting Tables: Space-Saving Versatility

Nesting tables offer a space-saving and versatile trend in accent furniture. They can be conveniently tucked together when not in use, optimizing space. Use tables such as Contemporary Elegance Accent Nesting Table Tables as extra surface area for displaying decor or serving guests. The tiered look adds depth and interest to any room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Contemporary Elegance Accent Nesting Table Tables

6. Sustainable Materials: A Commitment To Eco-Friendliness

The sustainable materials trend involves using eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, or recycled metals for accent tables. This commitment to eco-friendliness not only creates unique, rustic designs but also promotes sustainable living. To use this trend, opt for tables such as Moore Nesting Side Table - Small -Scandinavian Design Series constructed from these materials, supporting both environmental conservation and innovative design.

Moore Nesting Side Table - Small -Scandinavian Design Series

7. Mixed Finishes: An Artful Fusion Of Textures

The mixed finishes accent table trend involves combining various textures for an eclectic look. Use glossy lacquer and raw wood, or mix metal with glass. The contrasting textures in tables such as The Three Legged Double Decker Accent Table make your space more interesting and dynamic. Incorporate it in minimalistic or rustic designs to break monotony and add depth. This trend balances both sophistication and natural aesthetics.

Three Legged Double Decker Accent Table

8. Artistic Patterns: Designs That Tell A Story

Artistic pattern accent tables infuse creativity and storytelling into your decor. Each pattern or design can embody different themes or stories, transforming ordinary spaces into an artistic exhibition. Use these tables in living rooms, hallways or bedrooms to provide functionality while making a captivating style statement. Personalize your space, stimulating curiosity and conversation with these accent pieces.

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Dekor Company's accent tables collection combines style and functionality perfectly. Despite their small size, these pieces make a big impact, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room. The blend of traditional and contemporary designs caters to diverse decor tastes. Quality craftsmanship and versatile functionality make these accent tables an essential addition for every home decor enthusiast.

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