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8 Latest Accent Table Designs That You Must know of!

When it comes to home decoration and design, accent tables frequently tend to get overlooked. After all, most homeowners believe they are there just to fulfil a utilitarian purpose. However, did you know that accent tables can also be a fabulous addition to your home? It can raise the style factor on several levels. So why not offer them the recognition they deserve? A side table for living room provides extra storage while also having the potential to be a unique decorative piece.


The diversity of accent tables is vast, from varied styles to wooden tables, marbled top tables, or those with a multipurpose organizational space at the bottom that becomes handy during your lunch parties. This wide range offers a unique blend of art and luxury on each table, no matter whether you want a simple, minimalistic design or a large side table for living room.


Here are some of the latest accent tables that will accentuate the overall look of your space and deliver a cosy and wholesome vibe from your abode. Follow right in to get inspired by some of the most voguish accent tables.


Nesting Tables 

Nesting coffee tables are the latest trend when it comes to accent tables. Their simplicity and utility are unparalleled as they can be used as a brilliant decorative showpiece or even as an accent table to host small get-togethers of family and friends. These tables usually come with a marble top like the Yin-Yang Nesting Coffee Table and in a pair of two. The authentic stainless-steel finish, exquisite design, and large size make this table the decor enthusiast’s dream. When you don't need as much room, these unique tables make it easy to limit floor space. These increase utilization by eliminating the need to repeatedly bring out and put away end tables and can be paired easily with an accent chair for living room.


Contemporary Tables

The modern world requires a modern evolution in your home. These contemporary accent tables add much-needed modern flair to your home in a subtle way. The best part about these stylish tables is that they are adaptable to various themes of home decor and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. The Twirl and Twist Nesting Side Table are one-of-a-kind side tables that have the potential to become the ideal accent table for the living room. The intricate design with the top made up of imported marble will catch the eye of your visitors. The New Renaissance Nesting Side Tables are another pair of designer tables for your stylish homes. The curved patterns along with the gold plating, are perfect to add grace to your ambience.


Wooden Table

Wooden tables are timeless design pieces that will never go out of style. These tables are not only beautiful, but they are also robust and can withstand the test of time. The Moore nesting table is an enthralling piece that can be used for books, computers, decor, and even as a tiny serving table. Wooden tables infuse the home with a natural character that not only improves the aesthetics but also spreads a joyous attitude. These can be complemented with the lounge chair for living room to bring out the best in them.


Double Decker Table

Accent tables can be more than just a decorative showpiece for your home. These double-decker tables with additional storage space are a must-have for home decor. This space can be utilized to place magazines, home decor, extra servings during house part, with the accent chair for living room and much more. The versatile design and the efficiency of the table make them useful for almost all locations in your home. Have a look at the Mystique Tube Double Decker Accent Side Table which is a statement piece with gold polish and a double marble surface.


Console Table

A table can be used for multiple purposes in a home. Console tables can be used in the entryway of the house, in the hallway, in the bedroom, or even with the lounge chair for living room to double up as both a decorative and productive piece of furniture. Have a look at The Square Piped Marble Top Console Table with the rectangular design and distinctive gold plated pattern. It is the ultimate beauty that your house deserves.


End Table

End tables are the premium variety of side tables that are used to complement the upholstery and other furniture in your lovely abode. These can be used with the lounge chair for living room or to place decorative pieces, magazines, books, and much more. Have a look at the Three-Legged Gold Accent Side Table with magnificent design and graceful gold finish that will give a touch of opulence to your home decor. The Golden Ribbed Criss-Cross Accent Side Table is another beauty to match your interiors in a classy way.


Living Room Table

The living room is the place where memories become alive and everyone relives the beauty of togetherness. A nice and larger center table for the living room is a must to enjoy all such precious moments. The Roman Rectangular Marble Coffee Table with a large marble top and beautiful rectangular design is nothing less than a gem for your living room. It allows you to bring more room to the spaces by realizing your utilitarian needs and helps to raise the style quotient alongside.


Ottoman Table

Ottomans are the most elegant additions that you can make to your home, as they can be used for multiple purposes and locations in your home. They act as the footstool in your reading room, a side table for the living room, or even an accent chair for living room. Check out the amazing Three-Legged Lake District Ottoman that will add colour and brilliance to your home decor with its design and purpose. Another classic beauty is the Scottish Plaid Ottoman, which will enamour your audience with its checkered upholstery and amazing gold-plated legs. Transform your home with these artefacts to reflect your passion and love for home decor.


We hope you enjoyed our post. Do let us know which accent table is your favourite!

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