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7 tips and secrets for how to decorate shelves and living rooms

The things to keep in mind while decorating shelves in the house are mainly two. Firstly, it should be carefully organized so that it can accommodate as many items as it can, and secondly, it should be arranged neatly and beautifully so that it does not look like a stacked house, but a home accent.

The shelves can be built-in or kept separately. In a recently made living room shelf in our new house, when we stare at the empty partitions of the cupboards, we keep wondering how to style the shelves in the best way. Here are a few tips and secrets for you to know how to start and arrange everything to upscale its aesthetics.

Seven tips and secrets on decorating shelves

Home decoration is no less than an art. Here, we aim to help you with some tips to make your living room shelf ideas look majestic.


This is the first and essential styling tip for you to begin with. Get rid of old-fashioned, neglected, and irrelevant home decor products from the shelf. The things that you do not use anymore must be eliminated from your house. You can consider donating some that are still in good condition, but you think it is of no use to you. And keep this should be an ongoing process that must be repeated frequently. Keep throwing those things out of the home, which you no longer love.

It is imperative to do so because if we have ramshackles on our shelves, the beauty of the new and classy home decor products you would have purchased from a big house decoration things store will go for a toss. The impact of the exotic elements on the shelves will be lesser if it is accompanied by unnecessary stuff. Hence, it is essential to oust the waste to include more significant and dramatic objects on the shelf. It is better to have few healthy and niche home decor products rather than just anything on the living room shelves.


Neatly arranged books on the living room shelf look excellent. It also speaks volumes about the classy and tasteful conducts of the house inmates. But please ensure not to stuff the shelf with too many books. The number of books on every shelf will depend on the size of the rack and the size of the books. But on average, you can stack five to six books while more than nine to ten books might be too many.  

You need to line up the books on the shelf carefully. You can also use books as a platform to keep exciting and small objects like decorative flower vases over it. Prefer stacking them in a unique fashion such as alternate stacking or horizontally and vertically stacking, etc. Some wall shelves decor can be completely vertical and some completely horizontal. Also, spread the color of the book evenly throughout the rack.

Hide at the back

If there are home accessories that have to be kept on the shelf necessarily but are low on its aesthetics, then you can hide it at the end of some more important item in one of the shelves. This is a styling tip that can help you cleverly disguise all those things on the shelf that you do not adore.

Classy Home accents

Use statement pieces to elevate the level of your shelf style to the zenith. Pick unusual objects and chic silhouette accents. Group the same with other items like candle stand to make it more attention-drawing. Pay a visit to the flea markets and exhibitions to find eye-catching sculptures that can add a punch. Mix and match bright home decor items with wooden baskets and tumbleweed to arouse more interest.


It is necessary to give a balanced look to the living room shelf for a pulled-together look. The shelves usually have a lot of space, and if you balance them meticulously, you can curate a visual delight. The shelves should not be over-crowded and should not be even sparse. Balancing happens when you layer a large sculpture with small home decor products. A sizeable sculptural item can also be grouped with smaller accents. In other words, the shelves should look symmetrical.

Color palette

You can’t ignore this shelf styling tip, can you? A successful shelf is always in the right color palette of neutral or dramatic. It is ideal to have a base color first and then accentuate with canvas art prints wallpaper or metallic color. There is no rule, and you can experiment with the color of your choice. The back of the shelf can be a monotone paint or a fabric, too, to add some depth and contrasting elements to the shelf. White shelves look luxurious, sophisticated, and breezy.

If you can stitch a color story, it will give your display a cohesive look. For example, a neutral palette embellished with a golden, copper, or gray running will look niche.


Last but not least, use artwork to add spark to your living room shelf. The home decor products is best when it is curated DIY. Pick up an ignored accessory, take the help of the internet, and transform the same to create magic. It displays personality, expression, and passion. It is also suggested that you must exhibit the pieces that you adore. You can use the shelves to show your treasure or the artwork you recently bought. Some people also display their accomplishments like medals and trophies in a neat fashion. In a nutshell, create a space that you find happiness in. You can also buy home decor online

Keep these tips in mind when styling your living room shelf. Blend it all to give a fresh and stunning look to your shelves effortlessly.

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