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7 Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom Space

Bedroom decor can be accentuated with beautiful home decor items and lighting effects that can create a warm and inviting space. After all, your bedroom is a place where people tend to find an escape from their long and tiring work. Decorating your bedroom with pretty lights can set the right mood and help you create the right impression.

Whether you wish to grace your bedroom with scented candles placed on candle stands to create a romantic feel or place a reading lamp for all your bedtime stories, the right kind of lighting has its own importance. But how do you incorporate lighting effects in your sleeping quarters? The key to a beautifully illuminated bedroom is layer lighting which incorporates different lighting for a functional yet tranquil atmosphere.

If you are someone confused about buying a table lamp for bedroom or other lighting solutions, follow our awesome bedroom lighting tips and ideas that will make you simply fall in love with your sleeping paradise:

Floor lamps

A spacious bedroom calls in for floor lamps as they can enhance your bedroom's overall aesthetics. Floor lamp for living rooms are available in different patterns and designs with schematic lighting which will seamlessly blend with the theme of your bedroom. Floor lamps are a quick hack to bring a soft glow and a feeling of depth to the bedrooms. You can check out the Crown Royal Floor Lamp - Green and keep it by your bedside to add some visual comfort. Floor lamps are also best suited for people who do not like the idea of getting additional wiring done in their sleeping quarters. You can also consider keeping a Lladro English Floor Lamp by your favourite easy chair in the bedroom to create a reading corner where you can hop down with a book for a good reading time. Floor lamps are not only glamourous and pretty but also highly functional.

The Crown Royal Floor LampLladro English Floor Lamp

Task lighting

Task lighting, as the name suggests, provides uninterrupted lighting based on the needs of the homeowner. Such lightings are capable of giving light to tasks such as reading or working. A table lamp for bedroom, wall sconces, wall-mounted task lights, or low-hanging pendants all look exquisite at home. Match them to your overall them for the best results. Experts suggest having a pair of independently controllable lights such as Kenzo Ceramic & Stainless Steel Lamp so that you can switch it off on your own after having a good read without disturbing your sleepy partner to turn it off.

Kenzo Ceramic & Stainless Steel Lamp

Pendant lights

The dazzling pendant lights can add charm and beauty to your bedrooms. Not only do these lights make your bedrooms look stylish, but they also save a lot of space. Pendant lights also look fashionable and add a hint of charm to your space. They are a modern interior trend that looks absolutely stunning everywhere. These lights create a sophisticated atmosphere and allow you many possibilities to mix and match pendant lights with other lamps, such as Ruche Classic Table Lamp, according to the aura of your bedrooms. Experiment and see how you can best incorporate these lovely lights in your bedroom.

Ruche Classic Table Lamp

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are another alternative to add sparkle to your bedrooms, creating a whimsical habitat. These sparkly delights can be used with multiple inspirations. Right from lighting up the entrance to drawing the attention of visitors towards wall art or creating a universe of your own, you can use fairy lights almost anywhere. Bring home the Lima Butterfly & Leaf Framed Canvas Print and highlight it with fairy lights to make this majestic wall art shine.

Lima Butterfly & Leaf Framed Canvas Print

Bed headboard lighting

Modern-day beds can be easily customized with LED Strips that stay hidden behind the headboards creating an effect of floating lights. Headboard lights add an extra chic layer of lighting to your bedrooms, and you can couple it up with various other pattern lights and lamps. Bring home our  Antique Victorian Stainless Steel Table Lamp and install it on a side table as an alternative to headboard lights. Such lights can fuse picturesque landscapes and a romantic ambience to spruce up your heart and mind to cuddle with your partner.

The Antique Victorian Stainless Steel Table Lamp


Chandeliers are not a thing of the past, and nor are they just meant for your living rooms. These lights are here to live forever, just like a floor lamp for living room, and will always be a lighting trend to remember for years. Pick up a modern-day chandelier draped in shimmering teardrops to add elegance and luxe to your bedrooms. For an ambient lighting effect, chandeliers are a stunning addition to your bedrooms that can make your rooms glitter with the rich colours of your choice.

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Go natural with candles

Going natural has its own magic of creating a pleasant atmosphere. When you are not in the mood to read and are only looking forward to only relax and rejuvenating, what could be better than having a scented flickering candle decorated on stylish candle stands on the side table? To add an aesthetic touch, buy our The Piped Dream Candle Stand and pair it with scented candles of your choice to harmonize your bedroom with illumination and aroma.

The Piped Dream Candle Stand

Bedrooms are multifaceted places that can be illuminated with the lighting of your choice and convenience. Ranging from floor lamps for living room to wall sconces and pendant lights, there are numerous ways in which you can create a lighting effect for different segments of your bedroom. But the creativity lies in creating a balance that can trigger a powerful impact lighting packed with whimsy and inspiration. We hope you are inspired by these out-of-the-box ideas.  Bring in the bling and match them with your favourite home decor items to make your bedrooms a perfect relaxing abode. So, what are you waiting for? Get some bedroom illumination of your choice and deck your bedroom with dreamy lights.

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