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7 Home Decor Trends That Will Sparkle Your Eyes With Merriment

Home is where your heart belongs. Every home narrates a tale filled with memories. Beautiful homes let you make beautiful memories. Every piece in your room will have sentiments attached to it, a glaring memory that flashes and sparkles your eyes with contentment. To make a home look beautiful is no big deal if you do it thoughtfully. When you put in efforts to handpick every alluring home decor item, you give your room a timeless appeal. Every item ranging from voguish table lamps to wall mirrors has a charm of its own. It has a unique story to tell.

Through this blog, we will help you make your dream to experience beautiful living come true. Below are seven home decor trends that will sparkle your eyes with merriment and bring you closer to the home you always wish to have.

Bold patterns and colours

Let us tell you that bold colours do stand out. While selecting the colour palette for your room, understand that different colours signify different things. While neutrals stand for elegance and opulence, bold shades mark charm and style. If you want to alleviate the grace of your room, then bold colours will catch all glances. The colours of even the small decorative items matter. You can always dazzle up the look with hints of gold, silver or bronze. For example, if your room has shades of blue, orange and yellow, you can glam it up with shiny wall mirrors or metal wall art. You can buy metal wall art online in India by Dekor Company. Check out our website now!

Idyllic Floral Fantasy Metal Wall Art Panel

Hints of vintage

Vintage can never go out of style. When you bring home vintage pieces it takes up the ambience up the notch. It makes living a remarkable experience. Even if you have a modern home, you can add subtle touches to retro items. You can put voguish table lamps in a room full of contemporary pieces. This will not only make your room look layered but also make it an ecstatic combination of contemporary and vintage styles. The aesthetics will make the room feel like a blissful dream, where every artwork speaks luxury.

Trinity Vintage Decorative Table Lamp

Let walls take the lead

A common mistake that most people make while designing interiors is overlooking the largest canvas, the walls. You must let your walls take the lead and style them in a way that marks versatility and exclusivity. Be it wall mirrors or canvas art, decorate your walls in a way that they reflect a version of you. Your walls must grab your guest's attention with eyes popping from one piece to another, like how a story unfolds. Blank walls often make the room look dull and lifeless. When you put in efforts to design your walls, it adds a refreshing atmosphere to the room. Something as basic as a wall clock can add value to your wall decor. So, go on and grab the best wall art out there and give life to your walls.

Decorative Wall Mirror

Add layers to your interiors

Just like your personality, your home must also be layered. By giving layers to your interiors, we mean that you must add details to them. The little pieces that you add, bring character and charm to your room. These little pieces might follow a pattern or might be eccentric. You can mix and match contemporary and retro items bringing a certain depth to your interiors. This will not only bring an exclusive essence to the room but also make it stand out. Your hand wall painting can be modern and abstract but your voguish table lamp can be retro and they would still look perfect in a room. You can buy metal wall art online in India by Dekor Company.

Stapelia floral masterpiece Metal Wall Art

Choose only accent furniture

If you want to make your room elegant and stunning, accent furniture is a gateway to it. Accent furniture marks sophistication and class in its details. When you put in accent furniture in your room, it speaks for itself. Also, you must keep your room as less crowded as possible. When you give your room breathing space, every style, every colour and every pattern stands out. If you want to buy elegant and stunning accent furniture, you must visit Dekor Company's website right away!

Accent Table

Embrace the rug renaissance

Feel comfort under your feet with our exclusive rugs. Alleviate the styling quotient of your room with stylish rugs. They add a touch of texture and pattern to your room. They bring elegance and glamour to the room with exuberant shades that complement your room. Good quality rugs redefine perfection and eccentricity at their best. They speak of class by just being there. One must always pick minimalist designs as they bring excellence to the room. The ambience goes up with classic rugs. A room designed with trendy rugs, dazzling wall mirrors and exuberant paintings a wow worthy.

Blue Oriental Floor Rug

Add sufficient light

Lights are very important to bring a rejuvenating vibe to the room. Add sufficient light in the room to highlight the interior quotient of your room. One good option for it is table lamps. Bring luxe table lamps with damp lighting to add character to your room. The colour of light also defines your room's aesthetics. Choose the best light for your room and let it make your interiors glow.

These were the seven great home decor trends you must follow in 2022. These trends will definitely sparkle your eyes with merriment. Follow us for more!

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