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5 Best Selling Floor and Table Lamps from the Dekor Company

Everyone loves a fully furnished beautiful house with premium home decoration items like paintings, a decorated sofa, floor lamp for living room, sculptures, and much more but a house with perfect lights is a blessing in disguise. Someone has said that ‘Light is a powerful thing’ as the right kind of light lifts mood, inspires productivity, and motivates you to feel the best. Light can enliven the small things in life be it our daily routines or celebratory family get together. There are numerous ways of adding light to your ambience through exquisite table lamp for bedroom and floor lamp for living room which can also double up as your favourite home décor item.


Dekor Company has an expensive collection of table lamp for bedroom and floor lamps for living room that will help you to illuminate your house in the best possible ways. Dig right in to choose that one ultimate lamp that your house needs.

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Even before looking at the trendiest lamps, have a look at why lamps form an integral part of your home.


Fill up the space: Floor lamp for living room or table lamp for bedroom are the easiest way of filling up your space and making the environment look and feel cohesive. They can also act as accent décor items for your lovely abode which not only looks aesthetic but also meets your demand for unique home decoration items.


Light it right: There are numerous times when you do not want to turn on the bright ceiling lights because you need something that soothes your soul after a long tiring day. Table lamp for bedroom and floor lamps are the best options for such a scenario as warm light help you relax and dwell in the beauty of your inner self.


Highlight features of your space: When you have a beautiful home it is always a great idea to show it all. Lamps not only raise the style quotient of your house but they also bring forth the textures of your charming walls and elegant furniture.


Can serve as a night light: Most people prefer night light and the table lamps are one smart option to cater to that need. They are very convenient to switch on and off along with dim lights that won’t disturb your sleep.


These were some reasons why you should bring floor lamp for living room and table lamp for bedroom home as a part of home décor. Now, have a look at the trendiest options for lamps that will glow up the house so that it shines bright with joy and happiness.


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Vintage Lamps


If you are a fan of timeless vintage looks that make the house look opulent and classy then such lamps are best suited for your abode. Check out the Crown Royal Floor and Table Lamp combo with a royal gold finish and fine ceramic design that will serve the dual purpose of the table as well as the matching floor lamp for living roomLladro English floor lamp and table lamp combo is another quintessential beauty to radiate your love for English decor as the ceramic details and sturdy stainless steel finish stand is nothing but an absolute dream.


Modern Lamps


With the evolving times, home decoration items have also evolved with the latest technologies and design therefore our modern homes call for modern additions when we decide to set up home décor. Stanford Floor Lamp comes with an accent wireless charging side table that allows you to charge your devices with wireless technology. This lamp is perfect for your 21st-century homes as the side table can be also used as your mini workstation. Isn’t it smart? If you want similar technology for your smaller spaces then the Aristocrat Desk Lamp will do you the honour. It comes with a wooden mini side table enabled with USB support. 


Antique Lamps

It is true when someone says that your home reflects your personality. Antique lamps can be the best decision you will ever make because of their unique designs and eccentric looks. Antique Blue and White Lamp is one such piece made with fine ceramic and possesses white and blue hues. The blue drum shade made in the premium quality silhouette makes it an eye-catching ensemble. Antique Victorian Lamp is another antique lamp that lends artful appeal to your space as it shines with beauty and luxury.


Artistic Lamps

There is nothing like the artistic lamps that can brighten up your abode in an intimate and welcoming way. West Coast Floor Lamp for living room is an ideal piece that is a soulful amalgamation of art and style. It comes with a slim gold pedestal base and a ceramic bulge in the stand that enhance its overall look. The Silk Route decorative table lamp for bedroom with a colourful ceramic base and a bright silk silhouette shade will light up your space with pure bliss. Art is synonymous with aesthetics and adding them to your décor journey will do wonders to your home.


Crystal Lamps

Crystals are considered the best-prized possession in anyone’s life as they reflect shades of love, beauty, and serenity. Crystal lamps are the most like options in the entire home décor range because of their charming designs and magnificent look. Crystal Ball Lamp with spotless stainless-steel finish is a very classy and graceful form an excellent décor item for your home. Slick and Sleek Crystal Lamp as the name suggests is a sleek and sophisticated artefact with a crystal touch that will leave your guests wondering about the beauty of your home.


These were some of the most voguish home decoration items that you can accommodate in your living area, the dining hall, or in your bedroom to spread the essence of love and beauty all over. Adding light to your home will give more definition to the characteristic features of your home and instantly transform the looks of your spaces. It now becomes clear that lamps are one of the most important home decoration items and they are suitable for designing and adding an element in the bedroom as well as the other sections of your house. Follow the tips to lighten up your home in new and refreshing ways that suit your personality.

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