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4 Types of Table Decor Items for the Contemporary Interiors

Table decor items, whether they be living room lamps, lamps for study candles, showpieces or any other tabletop addition can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your home. While some prefer classic designs, others lean towards the more contemporary look. If you’re someone who likes to stay on top of the trends and keep things modern, then this blog post is for you. Keep reading to discover some amazing table decor ideas and unique pieces from home decor websites that will transform your interiors!

What are Contemporary Interiors?

Contemporary interiors are characterized by their minimalistic designs, neutral colours and clean lines. They have a certain level of sophistication and class about them that makes them the go-to choice for many modern homes. Whether your style is modern farmhouse, industrial chic or something in between, there’s something to be said for keeping things simple and stylish. Contemporary interiors are all about creating a space that’s both inviting and chic without being too over the top. They can help to bring together the entire look and feel of your home, so it’s important to choose the right pieces from your favourite home decor websites.

The 5 key characteristics of Contemporary Interiors include:

  1. Neutral Color Scheme: Although contemporary interiors often incorporate bright, bold and vibrant colours, the overall colour scheme should be mostly neutral. Think whites, greys and beiges. You can then use pops of colour to give the room a modern, contemporary feel.
  1. Clean Lines: The furniture in contemporary-styled homes should have clean lines without frills or fussiness. This will help to keep the look of your interiors sleek and modern.
  1. Minimalism: Less is more when it comes to contemporary interiors. Aim to keep your room clutter-free by limiting the amount of furniture and decorative items.
  1. Simple Decor: Don’t go overboard with ornate decor pieces as they can easily make your space look outdated or busy. Instead, opt for something simpler that works with the overall feel of the home.
  1. Natural Elements: Incorporate natural elements such as wood, plants and artwork to keep the room feeling inviting.


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What's Trending in Contemporary Interiors in 2023?

In 2023, the trend of contemporary interiors looks set to continue with some fresh ideas for adding style and sophistication. Here are some of the key trends that you should follow:

Modernist Curves

As people strive to bring something new into their homes, it's time to bid farewell to traditional right angles and opt for the undulating lines of modernist curves. Furniture with rounded edges gives a pleasingly bold look without being overly loud or tacky.


Subsequent to the substantial popularity of mid-century modern, neoclassicism has made a triumphant return with its emphasis on ornate and balanced lines. This type of decor effortlessly amalgamates with styles from other eras but still maintains an aura of sophistication without being ostentatious. To best replicate this trend, opt for furniture with intricate details and fabrics.


Instead of the popularly faded slabs of marble used in kitchens and bathrooms throughout recent years, mosaic and terrazzo are rejoining their rightful place as trendsetters. You can now easily find terrazzo tiles, countertops and walls that are sure to bring your interiors up to date.

Soft Illumination

Illuminate your home with paper, fabric and silk lighting for a gentle and inviting atmosphere. From tastefully designed pendant lights to chic sconces, these pieces of art provide a stunning ambience while delivering an intimate space in any room. At the forefront of trendsetting design are statement-making light fixtures crafted from paper, fabric or silk – giving homeowners endless options when it comes to stylishly illuminating their homes!

Botanical Accents

Bring nature inside with exquisite botanical accents. From living walls to hanging planters, these elements bring a sense of freshness to your home and are great conversation starters!

Silver and Iron Accents

Take notice of the iron detailing on furniture such as side tables, coffee tables, consoles, and benches – it will be a major trend in decor for 2023 with items like candlesticks, mirrors and decorative bowls taking centre stage!

Now that you know all about contemporary interiors, let’s take a look at some amazing table decor items that will help bring your vision to life!

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Here are 4 Types of Table Decor Items for the Contemporary Interiors:

1. Showpiece for Living Room

From ancient artefacts and sculptures to modern art pieces, showpiece for table are sure to make a statement in any space. Place them on side tables or mantels; they’ll instantly become conversation starters.

A home decoration showpiece is a great way to add personality and charm to any living room. Whether it's an eye-catching sculpture or a beautiful painting, it needs to be placed in the right spot. Try placing it next to your sofa or near the window where it can be seen easily by your guests. This will instantly add character and give your living area an edge over other spaces in the house.

Take the Mendoza Rustic trophy Decorative Vase & Showpiece for instance. This showpiece is an ideal way to bring in a rustic charm and enhance any room's ambience.

Mendoza Rustic trophy Decorative Vase & Showpiece

Another great example is The Trotting Stallion Table Decoration Showpiece which is the perfect way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any room.

The Trotting Stallion Table Decoration Showpiece

The 5 tips to beautifully use showpiece for living room in contemporary interiors are:

-Choose an eye-catching home decoration showpiece that matches the style of your room.

-Place it in a spot where it can be seen easily.

-Don’t overcrowd the area with too many pieces.

-Incorporate natural elements into the overall look for a balance.

-Choose a showpiece for table that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


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2. Table Lamps

Add subtle lighting with table lamps and transform your home. They come in a variety of styles so you’re sure to find something that fits with the look and feel of your interior design scheme. Not only do they provide light but also create an inviting atmosphere when placed in strategic locations around the house such as near couches or bedside tables. The Stanford Floor Lamp and Accent Table  Lamp is a great option for contemporary interiors.

The Stanford Floor Lamp and Accent Table

The 5 tips for beautifully using table lamps for bedroom in contemporary interiors are:

-Choose a table lamp for bedroom that matches the aesthetics of your interiors.

-Place your table lamp for bedroom in an area where it can be seen easily.

-Experiment with different lighting levels to create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

-Add accents such as plants and flowers alongside your living room lamps.

-Mix and match shapes, sizes and textures to make it more interesting.

3. Candle Stands

When you want to add a touch of romance and warmth, candle stands are a perfect choice. They provide a subtle yet effective atmosphere without taking up too much space or overwhelming the room. Rostova Classic Candle Stand is the ideal choice for any modern home. Crafted from wrought iron, the unique design of this stand makes it both sturdy and stylish which is perfect for contemporary interiors.

Rostova Classic Candle Stand

The 5 tips for beautifully using candle stands in contemporary interiors are:

-Choose a candle stand that matches the style of your room.  For example, a metal stand for industrial interiors or a wooden stand for rustic interiors.

-Place the candle stand in an area where it can be seen easily and create a focal point for maximum effect.

-Place them next to couches or bedside tables for a cozy feel.

-Experiment with different scents to create an inviting atmosphere.

-Add accents such as books and plants to create a homely feel.

4. Lamps for Study

For a modern and sophisticated look, opt for lamps that are sleek and stylish. They provide the necessary light for studying or reading whilst also adding an aesthetic touch to your interiors. Place them in strategic locations such as near the study table or bedside tables.

The 5 tips to beautifully using lamps for study rooms in contemporary interiors are:

-Functional yet stylish lamps are a must.

-Choose a lamp that matches the overall look of your study room.

-Experiment with lighting levels to create the right reading atmosphere.

-Ensure the lamp is adjustable so it can be adjusted according to your needs.

-Always use energy-saving light bulbs for a greener lifestyle.

These are just some of the many ways you can add flair and class to your home interiors with table decor items! Whether you want something classic or modern, there are plenty of options available for you to choose from – all you need is some imagination and creativity! Don’t forget to check out one of your favourite home decor websites i.e. Dekor Company for more ideas on how to spruce up your home decor! Happy shopping!

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