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12 Simple Ideas And Affordable Home Decoration Ideas

We are back with our latest edition on affordable home decor ideas. This time we have gone beyond to come up with 12 simple tips and tricks which could be done with the help of Dekor Company. It’s the perfect time to revamp our homes as festivals are around the corner. Without costing much on your budget, these home decoration items online have been selected by experts, so you need not worry if they will work in your house or not. Big or compact, they work everywhere.

So, let’s get started!

1. Mix it up on the walls

Canvas wall art, hand-painted wall art, shadow boxes, wall mirrors, metal wall art, vintage clocks, and your photographs, pick everything and place them on your wall. Mix it up! Turn any wall be it the passageway or corridor walls into a gallery wall with little oomph and excess of clutter. Because this clutter is fashionable. Wall decor pieces at Dekor Company are just stunning. Beautifully crafted, intricately detailed & polished, and supported with sturdy hardware; nothing like ordinary.

2. Cozy lighting

We always repeat that lighting in the house can make a big difference. Make sure that along with a lot of natural light coming in throughout the day, your house has ample candle effervescence. Use our jade decorative candle stands, marble candle stands, and multiple pieces decorative candle stands like “The Wave Inspired five-piece Decorative Candle Stand” and “The Three Piece Criss Cross Decorative Candle Stand”. You can even use this tip to add a romantic feel to your house.

five piece Decorative Candle Stand

3. Green green

One of the simplest, easiest, and the most affordable way to add aesthetics to your home is to make it go green. Add plants —be it hanging plants, big indoor plants, faux plants, plant frames, or succulents. If you wish to incorporate fragrance and floral touch, add flowers too. Orchids, lilies, roses or sunflowers, all look elegant in a Dekor Company flower vase. There are handblown glass and ceramic vases such as “The Emerald Rainforest Handblown Glass Decorative Vase - Big”, “The Abstract Urn Ceramic Decorative Vase - Set of 2”. If you want to add something antique or a piece inspired from 17th & 18th century to your decor, prefer “The Rustic Charm Ceramic Decorative Vase - Big”, “The Moroccan Tajine Ceramic Decorative Vase - Big”, “Ming Dynasty Blue-White Ceramic Vase”. There are modern and abstract pieces as well for the youth of today. Choose what you like!

Handblown Glass Decorative Vase

4. Furniture

The first thing a man notices in the house is furniture. If you have enough budget, you can look for changing big furniture pieces like sofa, dining table, bed, coffee table like “The Roman Rectangular Marble Coffee Table - ROSE GOLD”, but if the budget is tight you can try these options. The first option is to buy accent furniture like lounge chairs - “The Italian Pleated Accent lounge Chair”, double-decker accent table - “The Mystique Tube Double Decker Accent Table”, console table - “The Square Piped Double Decker Console Table” and many more. These are premium furniture pieces in Italian style, polished in rose gold and strong stainless steel & marble.

Rectangular Marble Coffee Table

5. Mirror as decor statement

If you are suffering from the issue of a compact home then try wall mirrors. Buy Wall mirrors magnify interior space, open it up, and brightens the overall ambiance. Here at Dekor Company, you will find big mirror’s with unique frames - “The Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror” and hanging mirrors - “Classic Round Pendulum Mirror”. Let them be reflections of your lovely home.

Sunburst Decorative Wall Mirror

6. Switch the carpets

Carpets are not only adorning, but also offer a great way to make a room cozier & comfier. Use different types and styles of carpets and rugs in a room to create interesting effects. For an instance try “The Blue Oriental Floor Rug 5 X 7.5 ft”, “The Galaxy Floor Rug 6.5 X 9.5 ft”, and “Yazlyn Abstract Rug 5 x 7.5 ft”. These are few contemporary and abstract rugs made of supreme fabric, brilliantly knit, and are easy to maintain. For the existing carpets, just try switching their locations.

Blue Oriental Floor Rug

7. Add new ottomans

Ottomans are new-age stools that are completely upholstered from top to toe. They are super comfy and extremely stylish. Dekor Company ottomans come in velvet fabric which is extra soft. A great addition to any room, they are not only functional but decorative as well. Also, you get a myriad of designs to choose from in Dekor Company online store for example “Chaise Velvet Green ottoman”, “The Parisian Blue Velvet Round Ottoman”, “The three-legged Lake District Ottoman”, etc.

Chaise Velvet Green ottoman

8. Decorate the corridor

Corridors and hallways are often forgotten when it comes to interior decoration. Not today! One of the most affordable ways to revamp your home decor is by styling your corridors. Use statement wall art pieces like canvas wall art, shadow boxes, and hand-painted paintings. It accounts for creating a warm & homely atmosphere as soon as one enters the house.

9. Fake flowers

If you don’t have time to take care of indoor flower plants that you were thinking to buy for home decor then opt for fake flowers. Faux flowers look quite real, last long, and hardly require any care or maintenance, hence are a great decor investment. Doing so use Dekor Company vases to keep them like “The Blue and Green Sandblasted Handblown Glass Decorative Vase”, “Naomi Antique Green Ceramic Vase - Small”, etc. These are beautifully sculpted from ceramic and handblown glass and take their inspiration from the grandeur of the Royal Parisian, Italian, and ancient Chinese interiors.

andblasted Handblown Glass Decorative Vase

10. Revamp bathroom

It’s an old saying that one’s bathroom speaks volumes about his hygiene & personality. When such is the case then why leave the bathroom dull? Get a new shower curtain, colored towels, and other bathroom accessories like “Modern Reindeer Motif Bathroom Accessories”. Sleek and classic, this trendy bathroom set of 5 adds a fresh clean look to your bathroom. The royal jade green color and gold detailing itself speaks how adorning it is. You can even opt for bathroom wall decor by installing pieces like “The Coastal Oasis Mix Shadow Box”, “Abstract Landscape Hand Painted Wall Painting”. Change the feel of the bathroom without having to spend too much money!

Reindeer Motif Bathroom Accesories

11. Rearrange bookshelves

Cluttered and dirty bookshelves make your house messy and chaotic. So immediately clean bookshelves and rearrange the books. You could even make it noteworthy with stunning showpieces like “The Karmic Yogi Table Decoration Showpiece”, “Rainy Day Bunny Decorative Showpiece - Yellow”, “Girl with a bow & balloon Decorative Showpiece”, etc. Delicately made from resin, these pieces grab the attention of even the nonreaders and without needing any floor space, a decor statement is created by them. People are often drawn to looking at bookshelves because of their love for books, hence make your bookshelf glamorous! 

Karmic Yogi Table Decoration Showpiece

12. Kitchen art

Kitchen art includes kitchen wall art, homeware, paneling, and various hardware fixtures. Since most of the kitchens are modular these days, let’s look at the styling aspect. Wall art like “The Tropical Butterfly Kaleidoscope Shadow Box Wall Decoration Piece” & “The White and Gold Tree of Life Shadow Box Wall Decoration Piece (Yin Yang Design)” bring positivity to the ambiance. You can also install Dekor Company wooden and marble wall shelves if space allows and decorate with “The Green Pina Colada Table Decoration Showpiece”. For the homeware, opt for “Evoke Metal kitchen Storage Jars- Red”, “Glistening Blue Starfish Lidded Storage Jar Set of 2 - Small”, “Glace Reindeer Holder Ceramic Snack Bowl”, “Polk Street Air Tight Bread Box - Red”, etc. There are many more homeware items available in our store which are panache in looks and food-safe in usage. Make your cooking experience comforting & fabulous with Dekor Company NOW.

Tropical Butterfly Kaleidoscope Shadow Box Wall Decoration

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