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10 Must Have Home Decor Items

How many times have you scrolled through Best Home decor Items in your feed or have browsed online decor stores to find “Best Collection of Home decor in India”? Every time you watch a home tour vlog of famous celebrities, do you also wish to have those exquisite items in your house? Are you also overwhelmed with Vogue, Elle India etc. for their sky touching prices? 

Numerous times isn’t it! In the era of Lockdown when most of the population is locked inside, it becomes very important to make the place where you are locked for a complete day worth living. This urge for statement interior designing is not just limited to the millionaires but has also made its way through the middle class families. Hence to suffice the demand for affordable & luxurious decor items, Dekor Company has launched a wide range of classic and stylish decor pieces which are the best collection of decor items till date in India. Understanding the needs of Indian families, our latest decor collection perfectly suits their style sense and doesn’t compromise either with space or with the budget. And to make the quest for the right fit easier, we have listed some wonderful decor items from our exclusive store in this column. 

Let’s dive into India’s affordable yet luxurious collection of rare decor items which have been labelled as the “Best Collection of decor items in India”. 

1. Vases:

flower vases

Glass or ceramic, metal or concrete, there’s no shortage in the choice of vases in our store! Handcrafted by the greatest artisans of India, these flower vases complement a range of tastes, be it traditionally royal or abstract 21 century style. Depending on the size and style of your vase, these can look fabulous as a standalone item (such as an oversized vase filled with dried branches on a sideboard) or work into a styled arrangement beautifully. 

2. Wall Art:

wall art

So often when decorating, we focus on what’s on the floor and neglect our walls. With the huge range of affordable wall arts, you can find a large scale piece that looks fabulous without breaking the bank. It increases the oomph factor of your house and when it’s from the luxurious collection of wall art, your style factor is definitely going to rise. 

3. Lamps:

luxury table lamps

We often harp on about the importance of lighting and not just relying on ceiling lights to illuminate our homes. Table and floor lamps cast softer light and reduce harsh shadows in our home — and they can be a decor piece in their own right! Whether it’s your child’s room or living area, accent table or study, light coloured room or dark lobby, anywhere anytime, these luxury table lamps spread their luminescence in each corner, making it worth a stare 

4. Wall Clocks: 

Gone are the days when clocks were just used to see what time of day it is. These days the more fashionable the clock is, the more stylish you are perceived. Our collection of modern wall clocks has everything right from classic pendulum clocks till metallic gear work clocks. Pick one as per your taste. 

5. Mirrors:

 wall mirror

What magic an abstract wall mirror can impart on your house you can never imagine. Either place it in your lobby, entrance of your house or your bedroom, its capable enough to draw the attention of your guests towards itself. 

6. Rugs:

From the crafts of best artisans of India, we bring you eco-friendly yet authentic rugs which are one of the best rugs ever made. They come in abstract designs, designs taken from life, nature or stories. Let even the floor of your house speak volumes with best rugs. 

7. Candle Stands: 

If you are also fan of candle light dinners or fragrant candles then there lies an innate opportunity for you to flaunt your style before your guests. These metallic and glass stands from our best candle collection will illuminate your room with their radiance. 

8. Decorative Pieces: 

Not just any other handicraft or accessories found in market to put on tables or shelves. These are handmade and really delicate if compared. If you want something techno friendly or anything elegantly royal, our top decorative pieces will let you stand out. 

9. Accent Tables: 

Often big coffee tables occupy a lot of space and then we fall short of indoor space. To let you save the space, we propose round accent tables. Adjust them along the corner of the room, lobby or adjacent to sofas, and use it to hold decor pieces or as table as it is. These come in multiple tops and spacious enough to carry your belongings. 

10. Shadow Boxes: 

Shadow boxes are something unique and really trending in the market these days. Our shadow boxes are handcrafted by leading artisans using age old techniques and artistic forms. Every shadow box tells its own story and carries a unique character. They transmit positive energy and will uplift the then dull plain walls. 

These 10 must have decor items are just enough to increase the oomph factor of your house and let you flaunt the innate sense of style that you possess. Don’t pass your time in a dull house, let it speak million verses of style & fashion which makes it “The Best House” ever built.

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